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Chiropractic Radiography

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Essentials of Skeletal Radiology
The Study Guide edition

By Terry R. Yochum, D.C.

A comprehensive text on the radiology of skeletal disorders, for students, teachers, researchers, and practitioners.   For this revised edition, color has been added to enhance readability and accentuate important points; a medicolegal implications sections follows many of the conditions discussed; algorithms are used in the chapter on the natural history of spondylolysis and spondylolisthesis; a section on mnemonics appears at the end of each volume as a learning aid; new diagrams have been added, as well as new radiographic images; and the case material has been augmented with bone scans, CT, and MR imaging to reflect the technological revolution in musculoskeletal diagnosis.   Updated references reflect the literature of most significant merit.

Clinical Imaging: with Skeletal, Chest, and Abdomen Pattern Differentials

Dennis M. Marchiori

Dana J. Lawrence: This is a comprehensive text emphasizing the recognition of specific disease patterns that can be noted on radiographic examination. The goal is to provide the reader with the knowledge that allows him or her to quickly recognize the presence of abnormal findings and then be able to place those findings in a specific diagnostic category. Thus, it presents a huge array of different conditions, comparing and contrasting them so that the reader becomes conversant with the minor differences that can help to differentiate closely-related conditions. The scope of this text is encyclopedic, and it does an admirable job of discussing both the common and rare. It is written for the students and practitioners in all areas of health care: medicine, chiropractic, or osteopathy. This will likely become a benchmark text, with usefulness in medicine, chiropractic, and ostepathy. I give it my highest recommendation.

Skeletal Imaging: Atlas of the Spine and Extremities

By John A. M. Taylor

Skeletal Imaging: An Atlas of the Spine and Extremities is a clear, comprehensive, and user-friendly reference for clinicians, radiologists, and residents interpreting images of musculoskeletal and orthopedic disorders. It focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system. For each skeletal region, coverage includes normal developmental anatomy, fractures, deformities, dislocations, infections, hematologic disorders, and more. Joint and bone disorders are illustrated through more than 2,000 crisp radiographs, CT scans, MR images, bone scans, and conventional radiographic films.

Chiropractic Radiography and Quality Assurance Handbook

By Russell L. Wilson

The book begins logically with basic radiography concept and principles, discusses safety, the proper sequence for taking films, and correct radiography of particular parts of the anatomy. Also covering quality assurance, this book discusses darkroom and film storage as well as film processing quality control, film artifact identification and problem solving. Chiropractic institutions and practicing clinicians (radiographers and chiropractors alike) as well as radiographic equipment manufacturers and radiographic technology students will find this book useful.

If you use this box to shop, we will receive a small commission
on any purchase you make. Support Chiropractic and the Org!


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