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End Medical Mis-Management of Low Back Pain

End Medical Mis-Management of Low Back Pain

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SOURCE:   A Chiro.Org Editorial

The medical “debate” has been going on for years…is spinal adjusting (a.k.a manipulation) effective for Low Back Pain? The original Meade study (British Medical Journal 1990) demonstrated that chiropractic was much more effective for LBP than conventional medical care. In 1995, Meade did a follow-up, again publishing in the BMJ.

That long-term followup study demonstrated that those treated by chiropractic derived more benefit and long term satisfaction than those treated by hospitals, especially for those who suffered from chronic (or long-term) low back pain!

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1 comment to End Medical Mis-Management of Low Back Pain

  • Dean

    just depends on the dr. and the chiropractor. there are good and bad of both and would depend on who the person with LBP visits and how their experience was. personally, i believe acupuncture is better than both, even for moderate to severe LBP.

    RESPONSE from Frank:

    Acupuncture can reduce pain, no doubt about that, however the chiropractic approach is to find the cause of the pain (spinal misalignment) and to correct that, not just interfere with the body’s ability to appreciate the pain.

    You should review a series of 3 research studies in ChiroZINE that demonstrates the clear superiority of chiropractic over both acupuncture and drugs. They are about ½ the way down the page on the left-side. (Chronic Spinal Pain: Spinal Manipulation vs. Acupuncture vs. Drugs)

    Read them, and you may reconsider your current opinion(s).

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