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Musculoskeletal Knowledge: How Do You Stack Up?

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One of every 4 or 5 primary care visits is for a musculoskeletal problem. Yet undergraduate and graduate training for this burden of illness continues to constitute typically less than 5% of the medical curriculum. This is an area of clear concern, but also one in which sports medicine practitioners can assume leadership.

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  1. joeg February 7, 2009 at 6:17 am

    That was an interesting article. The results are not surprising though. I have heard that medical knowledge doubles every three years. IMO no one can even be exposed to all of that, no less absorb and retain it. Why do we have so many specialists? It is easier to master a smaller portion of the pie of knowledge, or at least be competent in one area.

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  4. Logan college seems to be leading the way, now offering both brick and mortar, and online Master’s programs in Sports Science and Rehabilitation in addition to a solid Chiropractic Physician program. From what I understand, Palmer West is also strong in this area. Has anyone heard about the rest of the schools?

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