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Monthly Archives: March 2009


Chiro.Org Turns 14!

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Chiro.Org turned 14 years old this March! We are now the oldest existing chiropractic website, following the retirement Dr. John Wiens Chiropractic Page to our Archives section.

To celebrate, our Board of Directors donated $2500 to chiropractic research. This will be our 8th year supporting the FCER and the ICPA. This year we also included the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College research department.

You may enjoy reviewing our Announcement Page

Is Resveratrol The Fountain of Youth?

By |March 29, 2009|Nutrition, Prevention, Research|

Although some of the e-mail I received lately regarding Resveratrol sounds like hyperbole, there is a lot of research demonstrating that resveratrol does switch on the SIR1 genes, thus extending lifespans in lower species.

Studies also show a favorable reduction in other health risks including diabetes, vascular disease, and various forms of cancer. So…the real question is…if you didn’t die (prematurely) from these “top killers”, would you live longer? Only time will tell.

Review the Nutrition Section for research supporting the use of other vitamins, minerals and herbs.

Maximizing the Effectiveness of Clinical Documentation

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Maximizing the Effectiveness of Clinical Documentation

The Chiro.Org Blog

SOURCE:   Topics in Clinical Chiropractic 1994; 1 (1): 60-65

By Robert D. Mootz, D.C.

Our deepest appreciation to Dr. Robert Mootz and Aspen Publishers for generously giving Chiro.Org exclusive access to the FULL TEXT article Maximizing the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Clinical Documentation. This article clarifies what aspects of care and analysis needs to be recorded to define “Medical Necessity”.

The Documentation Section contains many other resources that you may find of value.

The Problem with Placebos

By |March 27, 2009|News, Research|

The Problem with Placebos

The Chiro.Org Blog

Numerous clinical trials that explored the effect of spinal adjusting (or manipulation, aka SMT) on various conditions have concluded that adjusting had no effect, because SMT and the placebo (or “sham” adjustment) had similar beneficial results.

What these studies failed to emphasize was that the sham manipulation and the specific adjustment both demonstrated clinical benefits, compared with no care or standard medical management.

The Problem with Placebos Page reviews many articles which discuss the problems with developing a truly neutral sham adjustment, and roundly criticizes those studies which manipulate that data to appear as if SMT did not provide clinical benefit.

Photographer Extraordinaire

By |March 26, 2009|Media, News, People|

Ground Zero This ethereal nighttime image of “Ground Zero” in New York City was taken around midnight in May 2006 by chiropractor Dr. Jay Ouellet and has been chosen to appear in the June 2009 issue of National Geographic. The photograph also appeared on CNN in December 2008.

Dr. Ouellet, CMCC class of ’81, lives in Quebec City and is also an accomplished astrophotographer. He has published a book of photographs of his home town.

Learn more about Dr. Ouellet.