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Daily Archives: April 8, 2009

Chiropractic and Chronic Neck Pain

By |April 8, 2009|News, Research|

Chiropractic and Chronic Neck Pain

The Chiro.Org Blog

In study after study, Chiropractic demonstrates superior results in the relief of chronic neck pain compared to acupuncture or medical management.

In one recent study chiropractic scored the highest relief rating (7.33 out of 10), scoring higher than the relief provided by either nerve blocks (6.75) or opioid analgesics (6.37).

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Alberta delists chiropractic coverage from provincial health care plan

By |April 8, 2009|News|

The Edmonton Journal

Albertans will no longer be able to claim chiropractic care starting this summer, after the government delisted chiropractor services from its provincial health plan.

The cut, which will save approximately $53 million, will mean patients will be out up to $200 each year.

The province also cut coverage for gender reassignment surgery or sex-change operations, a move that will save $700,000, leaving about 20 patients each year on the hook for procedures that cost anywhere between $18,000 and $70,000. (more…)