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Daily Archives: July 29, 2009

Chiropractic Reduces High Blood Pressure

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Chiropractic Reduces High Blood Pressure

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SOURCE:   Journal of Human Hypertension 2007 (May); 21 (5): 347–352

Bakris G, Dickholtz M, Meyer PM, Kravitz G, Avery E, Miller M, Brown J, Woodfield C, Bell B

Department of Preventive Medicine, Rush University Hypertension Center, Chicago, IL, USA

The Chiropractic and Blood Pressure Page reviews numerous studies that found that upper cervical adjusting reduces high blood pressure.

The study that received the most attention was done at Rush University in Chicago, and published in the Journal of Human Hypertension. This randomized trial assigned patients to either 2 blood pressure medicines, or to care from chiropractors who applied upper cervical specific adjusting. The results? Researchers found that restoration of Atlas alignment was associated with marked and sustained reductions in BP similar to the use of two-drug combination therapy. (more…)