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Diplomate Specialties

Diplomate Specialties

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One of the requirements for license renewal is ongoing Continuing Education classes. Some doctors prefer attending Homecomings, others prefer attending Parker seminars. The only drawback with either of these venues is that specific topical classes are very short.

The beauty of attending a diplomate program is that you submerge yourself in a specific topic over a whole weekend. It’s also like joining the National Guard, because you will invest one weekend a month for 3 years. I attended LACCs (now SCUHS) rehabilitation diplomate program between ’95-’98 here in Chicago, and I highly recommend it. Other programs are available in a variety of specialties.

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3 comments to Diplomate Specialties

  • Singapore Chiropractor

    On that note, choose your programs very carefully. i wont name names but one program i once attended was nothing more than a ski weekend with the benefit of claiming cpd points.

  • I prefer longer classes myself to allow more time to focus on the subject matter. It also depends on the type of topics though. Heavy topics like rehab will probably requires more than a weekend.

  • Dr. Tim,

    The next identifier for a quality class is how many assistants are there to help you learn technique. The rehab classes had around 30 doctors in attendance, and there were about 4 assistants, plus the teacher…so we got significant reinforcement during the hands-on portion of each class. And when you are learning material you intend to use every day, that is very important.

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