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Do You Recommend Supplementation In Your Practice?

Do You Recommend Supplementation In Your Practice?

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If you do, or wish you knew more, we have a variety of nutrition resources that you may find useful:

  • Our most extensive resource contains articles, arranged by condition, from the esteemed Alternative Medicine Review.

  • Our Nutrition Section begins with the Supplement Section, providing non-solicitous information regarding the benefits of various vitamins, minerals and herbals.

  • The Nutrient Depletion Charts reviews the nutrients depleted by a host of prescribed drugs.

I hope you will find these resources of value!

11 comments to Do You Recommend Supplementation In Your Practice?

  • There is so much information out there its hard to keep up with all the info. I have had great luck with Standard Process and I use that myself as it actually saved my hearing as I had ringing in my ear and I had a DC put me on SP, then adjust me and I was a new person. Out of all the supplements out there I love SP

    Marco J. La Starza, D.C.

  • karl

    there’s a lot of info. and opinion regarding human nutrition/supplementation. having said that i highly recommend every chiropractor read/consider omega-3(fish oil) and vitamin D3 for their patients.

  • Hi Marco

    I agree that SP makes a quality product, but I still have yet to see any compelling literature to suggest that adding bovine hormones into human supplementation provides any benefits. And they add it to a lot of their products. Frankly, that creeps me out!

  • Hi Karl

    Yes, there’s a lot of information to consider. That’s why I compiled the Nutrition Section. I’ve been adding materials there since 1997, so it’s a sizeable resource. No way you can just read from one end to the other, but pick a page that catches your eye and dig in.

  • karl

    Hey Frank……I will explore the “nutrition section”. Oh and thanks for the site/content……it’s appreciated. I’m trying to keep up with the number of articles.

  • I’ve used the Standard Process detox/purification system for myself and my patients on multiple occasions with great results. It gets you to a baseline to start a better nutritional regimen. My day always starts with an SP smoothie.

    Ken Whidden, DC
    Emerald Coast Chiropractic

  • Lucas Seipp-Williams

    Supplements can be useful, but nothing substitutes fresh, nourishing, whole foods.

  • Lucas

    Absolutely! Unfortunately, surveys suggest that less than 10% of Americans eat the produce necessary, just to get the minimum daily requirements of vitamins and minerals. So, supplements are really a way to fill in the gaps, especially if they are sourced from live food, and not manufactured synthetically.

  • I started incorporating nutrition into my practice about 5 years ago. At first, it was Standard Process & MediHerb. And then a colleague of mine told me about Metagenics. I must say I’m very impressed with their products, the quality control (triple GMP certification), and the published research.

  • I have been recomending supplements in my practice for eight years. As a former personal trainer for 10yrs it was a natural fit. I take them myself, I also use SP but combine other companys these days. I think the biggest hurdle we have is getting people to actually take them. I have learned over the years that you can’t push them but the ones who inquire about nutrition are a little more likely to follow through with the advise.

  • I also use SP for detox, but have recently started using Metagenics First Line Therapy. I have used it to lose 36 pounds, all fat. The program uses BIA testing to moniter fat,water, and lean body mass.

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