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New Federal Law Bans Genetic Discrimination

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Thanks to Daniel Redwood, DC and the The Daily HIT Blog

As reported in the LA Times:

The most sweeping federal anti-discrimination law in nearly 20 years takes effect today, prohibiting employers from hiring, firing or determining promotions based on genetic makeup.

Additionally, health insurers will not be allowed to consider a person’s genetics — such as predisposition for Parkinson’s disease — to set insurance rates or deny coverage.

Not since the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990 has the federal government implemented such far-reaching workplace protections. Stuart J. Ishimaru, acting chairman of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, said in a statement that the law reaffirms the idea that people have a right to be judged solely on merit.

“No one should be denied a job or the right to be treated fairly in the workplace based on fears that he or she may develop some condition in the future,” he said.

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