December 2009
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For Those Of You With A Website

For Those Of You With A Website

The Chiro.Org Blog

We would appreciate it if you would add a link to us (either to our Blog page, or to any other section of our website that you find of interest), so that we can strengthen our standing with all the search engines.

Our main URL is:

and you can review all of our sections (resources) at:

9 comments to For Those Of You With A Website

  • Frank,

    I am updating all three of my chiropractic sites, and would be very happy to link both your blog and the website there. I will also say that if other chiropractors would also do this, it would GREATLY benefit the chiropractic profession. The higher this site ranks WITH GREAT CHIROPRACTIC FRIENDLY information, the greater the chance that people will come here, then quack watch.

  • Exactly! I always tracked our standing with Google, and until a few years ago, we regularly came up in the top 6 sites for the term “chiropractic”. That makes sense, since only one other chiropractic website (Dynam Chiro) gets more traffic than we do.

    Then mysteriously, 2 anti-chiropractic websites started creeping up in the standings to the top 10, even though they get considerably less traffic than we do.

    It’s my hope that if we double the number of websites that link to us (currently it’s over 1700 sites) that we might float (like cream) towards the top again.

  • It will be a pleasure to help out.

    My web guy asks “What specific anchor text would you prefer us to use”. Post it here or email me and he’ll make the link asap.

    BTW, he tells me we are a PR3 Do-follow site, so our link may actually help a bit.

    Grant Stowell, D.C.
    Wellness Care Chiropractic Frisco
    Frisco, Texas

  • Dr. Stowell

    Well, the official name is the Chiropractic Resource Organization, although I prefer Chiro.Org myself.

  • With your permission Frank I will have my Search Engine Optimization guy do an analysis of

    He’s very good, and, we may well learn what the issue is with the site ranking higher for “chiropractic”.

    Could you send me your preferred email address? He’ll want to send you a report which shouldn’t be posted here.


    BTW, my treat for the SEO Analysis.

    Grant Stowell, D.C.
    Wellness Care Chiropractic Frisco
    Frisco, TX

    Thanks Grant. I’ll contact you by e-mail.

  • Dr. James

    I’ve added some links to this great blog and the main site. I’ve also been promoting and Chiro Org blog via Twitter. It’s not much but every little bit helps. Keep up the great work, I’ve loved the site since I was a student at Palmer!
    -Dr. James

  • Consider it done on my website, this place has always been a great resource for me.

    Ken Whidden, DC
    Emerald Coast Chiropractic

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