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Daily Archives: January 30, 2010

Chiropractic and Stroke Incidence

By |January 30, 2010|Chiropractic Care, Education, Stroke|

Chiropractic and Stroke Incidence

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SOURCE:   Chiro.Org’s Stroke and Chiropractic Page

Recent reports of individuals suffering strokes proximal to receiving chiropractic care are sensationalized by the media all out of proportion to their actual frequency. Although medicine admits that tens of thousands die needlessly from medical accidents, even from things as innocuous as venipuncture, that doesn’t excuse chiropractors from their duty to protect our patients.

The Stroke and Chiropractic Page was crafted to keep our profession abreast of information that may help predict (and perhaps prevent) strokes.

This Introduction reviews those physical findings that may indicate whether a new or existing patient is in the prodromal state of stroke onset, so that we can refer them for co-management. I hope you will read this information closely.