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Daily Archives: February 27, 2010

Why We Really Need Healthcare Reform

By |February 27, 2010|Health Care Reform, News|

Why We Really Need Healthcare Reform

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SOURCE:   LA Times ~ January 31, 2010

By David Lazarus

As the prospects for meaningful healthcare reform grow murkier by the day, it’s helpful to remember why we started this discussion in the first place. It wasn’t so we could socialize the U.S. healthcare system, and it wasn’t so we could create death panels, or make it easier for insurance and drug companies to practice their trades.

It was so we could help people like Hollywood resident Lisa France, 42, who does her best to stay healthy. She exercises regularly, does yoga, does Pilates. She has no medical problems to speak of and no preexisting conditions.

But when France recently applied for individual coverage offered by Anthem Blue Cross, she received a letter saying that her monthly premium would be 25% higher than expected because she sees a chiropractor from time to time. (more…)