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Good News From Brazil

Good News From Brazil

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SOURCE:   World Federation of Chiropractic

Beginning in early 2007, 95,000 Brazilian physiotherapists, through their national regulatory board, the Council of Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists (COFFITO), attempted to seize control of the Chiropractic Profession, by trying to pass a law stating that chiropractic was a (sub)specialty of physiotherapy.

This presented a serious problem for the 200 Brazilian chiropractors, because at that time the practice of chiropractic was not regulated by law, even though the Brazilian Chiropractors’ Association (ABQ) had been working tirelessly since 2001 to pass that legislation.

Fortunately the World Federation of Chiropractic with the support of it’s President Gerard W. Clum, D.C., provided significant financial support, to help fund their struggle.

Finally, on March 3, 2009, Federal Judge Diana Brunstein ruled strongly in favor of the ABQ. “Chiropractic is a profession not a technique”, says Judge Brunstein, and “PT authorities should not seek to declare it a specialty of physiotherapy”. An appeal by CREFITO, asking to remove an earlier court injunction against CREFITO was denied.

You can learn more about this case at the World Federation of Chiropractic website.

2 comments to Good News From Brazil

  • Dr R Graham Hunt AM DC MCSc DipLS FICC FACC

    I have been searching for more recent updates on Brazil chiropractic legislation efforts. Any reports on progress?? Also, if anyone can enlighten me on Insurance coverage of chiropractic care, Workers Compensation, Automobile Accident coverage etc, all 3rd party insurance coverage in Brazil. Urgently required for research work being finished off for the profession here in Malaysia.

  • Hi Dr. Hunt,

    In the US we would first look for a National Association to answer those questions. Second, you should check the WFC ( ) to see what they have to offer. Good luck!

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