March 2010
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What Might Have Been

Source New York Times


3 comments to What Might Have Been

  • Dr. John,

    Thanks for the find. I try not to get too involved in politics in a D vs. R sorta way, but the effect of politics as usual has no interest in the welfare of the public.

    These numbers do not lie, and as a public we have been had. People really need to start looking at facts and turn off the talking heads who just repeat buzz words all day long.

    Dr. Graeme Gibson, D.C.

  • Interesting statistics on health care reform. Good find. I agree with the previous poster, I usually don’t try and get involved too much, but it’s impossible to ignore the issues.

  • While Congress was busy passing health care reform, policy-makers are reluctant to admit that many of our nation’s health problems are linked to practices subsidized by taxpayers. An American diet heavily dependent on corn and corn-derivatives is linked to obesity, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, Type II-Diabetes, constipation, joint pain, and other ailments. The tragic irony is that government subsidizes the low-cost production of the corn-based, unhealthy foods that make many people sick. Now the Obama administration wants to give these same policy-makers responsibility for our health care.

    Imagine what the graph of health care costs would have looked like if obesity wasn’t a national epidemic?

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