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Daily Archives: May 22, 2010

Chiropractic IS “Alternative Medicine” (An alternative to medicine)

By |May 22, 2010|Editorial|

Chiropractors had always been considered a “fringe” provider (or worse) by conventional medicine.

David M. Eisenberg’s article, Unconventional Medicine in the United States: Prevalence, Costs, and Patterns of Use, published in the January 28, 1993 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine generated a rapid shift in that opinion. This article was a rude awakening, and a genuine “eye–opener” for organized medicine, since it described an amazing shift in public opinion.

During this same period, while Managed Care DRASTICALLY reduced medical incomes, Dr. Eisenberg revealed that “in 1990 Americans made an estimated 425 million visits to providers of unconventional therapy. That number far exceeds the number of visits to all U.S. primary care physicians (only 388 million)”. And Chiropractic Care was one of the most–utilized of these “unconventional” treatments. (more…)