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Which Plants Do You Choose To Water?

Which Plants Do You Choose To Water?

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Here’s a Deep Thought for the Day

Thanks to Moyra Gorski, R.N., B.S.N. for sharing this with us all

skeptic, who had heard of the Buddha’s propensity to always return good for evil, and love those who would abuse him, did not believe this could be possible, so he set out to find, and then test the Buddha.

Finding him, he began hurling insults and spewing criticism at the master. When the accuser finally stopped, he was perplexed and asked the Buddha how he could sit so serenely amidst such abuse, and continue to offer peace and love in the face of such invectives being thrown his way. The Buddha answered his question with a question of his own:

“If a man offers you a gift, and you do not accept the gift, then to whom does the gift belong?”

We have the choice of which plants in our own garden to water. Those that we water will thrive and grow, and those that we do not will shrivel and die. Our world is our garden, and the energy we expend is like water.

If we provide no water – no energy – to the negative things, they will disappear from our lives.

Water and nurture the flowers – your ideas, dreams, and hopes – and they will grow and expand.

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