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Daily Archives: August 30, 2010

Kaiser, Chiropractic, and Chronic Neck Pain

By |August 30, 2010|Editorial|

Kaiser, Chiropractic, and Chronic Neck Pain

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A Chiro.Org Editorial

I’m not enrolled in any of the Kaiser provider panels, so I have no vested interest in challenging their actions, but any time one Insurance Company explores a novel new way to reduce their costs, there’s always the chance that others will follow. Because Kaiser opened the conversation, asking whether chiropractic care actually provides benefits for those with neck pain, I draw your attention to the research we have gathered.

The Chiropractic and Chronic Neck Pain page contains numerous articles about the etiology of neck pain, as well as gathering many clinical trials, which have demonstrated the power of chiropractic management for neck pain. (more…)