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Neck Pain Commentaries: Part 1

Neck Pain Commentaries: Part 1

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As a response to the actions of Kaiser, we will be publishing a series of editorials to review the alternatives, if chiropractic is eliminated from coverage. Informed Consent includes the process of reviewing the safety and efficacy of alternative forms of treatment. So let’s compare medicine’s success with resolving neck pain with chiropractic’s. I hope you will find these reviews of interest.

Editorial Commentary:

A recent balanced article in the Feb 13, 2008 issue of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association) revealed that between 1997 and 2005, the costs for “standard medical management” of spinal pain syndromes (both neck and back) increased by an inflation-adjusted 63%, while measurable outcomes for physical functioning, work or school limitations, and social limitations among adults actually declined. During this same period, there was also an overall increase in the number of individuals who experienced neck or back pain (from 20.7% to 24.7%).

During this same time period, the inclusion of a chiropractic benefit within a large managed care program (observed over a 4-year period) resulted in significant savings, as well as a reduction in the rates of surgery, and unnecessary use of advanced imaging, inpatient care, and plain-film radiographs.

These 2 studies, along with many similar findings, make it apparent that chiropractic should be the FIRST choice of management for people experiencing musculoskeletal complaints. If you doubt that, then please review this editorial, titled:
End the Medical Mis-Management of Musculoskeletal Complaints

You may want to refer to the Cost-Effectiveness Page or the Patient Satisfaction Page for many more articles on this topic.

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