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Daily Archives: November 22, 2010

An Interview with Brigadier General Becky Halstead

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An Interview with Brigadier General Becky Halstead

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SOURCE:   Health Insights Today

By Carl S. Cleveland III, DC

How were you introduced to chiropractic and how has it helped you?

My dad introduced me to chiropractic on one of my visits home, one of my leaves. He could start to see that I was wearing physically. My dad had arthritis, so he often would go down to see the chiropractor in our town. Actually, our town doesn’t even have traffic lights, so it was the next town over, in Owego, New York. He said, “I think you ought to go down and see Dr. Perestam. I think he could make you feel better.” And so I did, and he was absolutely right. My very first visit to the chiropractor was awesome and so has every subsequent visit to the chiropractor. I always leave feeling better. I tell people it’s like I can breathe better. I feel taller. So I got a taste of how wonderful that care is. Unfortunately, though, I only went home once or twice a year. Every time I went home, people would give up their appointments. They’d go, “Do you need to go to the chiropractor? I’ll give you my appointment.” So I was always fit in.

But in the military, there were no chiropractors at the treatment facility, so it was not readily accessible and available to me. So although I knew that it would help, I did not have sustained chiropractic care until after I retired. And it’s helped me amazingly! I don’t even know how to describe what my situation was two years ago when I retired, compared to today. I just physically was at the end of my rope and that’s why I retired, with chronic fibromyalgia. I would push and push and push all day long. When I’d get home, I would just curl up in a ball. My skin hurt, my body ached, a thousand pins in my cheeks and my lips and my tongue. What the military did for me was to give me drugs, pain medicine and sleep medicine. I had every drug imaginable. And although that helped maybe curb it a little bit, it caused so many other horrible reactions, in my esophagus, my stomach, ulcers. It’s a spiral. What helps you also hurts you in that regard, I think. (more…)