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Daily Archives: March 10, 2011

The Art of the Chiropractic Adjustment: Part I

By |March 10, 2011|Education, Technique|

The Art of the Chiropractic Adjustment: Part I

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SOURCE: Dynamic Chiropractic

By Richard C. Schafer, DC, FICC

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This author acknowledges the value of reflexology and numerous physiotherapeutic applications (along with nutritional supplementation, counseling, “bloodless surgery,” and standardized rehabilitative procedures) in chiropractic case management.

Yet, they all stand in the shadow of the basis for and the proper administration of the chiropractic adjustment. This column and others throughout the year will focus on the need for the development of our unique art. Certain basics seem to have become lost in the teaching of “technic” during the last decade or so.

Depth of Drive

Besides patient positioning, the type of contact selected, and direction of drive, the depth of drive also must be accurate. It is sometimes taught that it should be to the anatomical limit, but this is not always true. Adjusting a strong ligament fixation immediately to the anatomical limit may rupture degenerated tissues — resulting in the development of even tougher scar tissue. The object is to progressively stretch but not rupture shortened fibers. Adaptation takes time.

The opposite should also be recognized. An attempt to mobilize further after a fixation has been released will produce a new defensive contraction and inflammation, and therefore predispose the development of a new fixation. Over-adjusting is not beneficial; it is trauma.

The Articular Snap (more…)