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Daily Archives: March 12, 2011

The Art of The Chiropractic Adjustment: Part II

By |March 12, 2011|Education, Technique|

The Art of The Chiropractic Adjustment: Part II

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SOURCE: Dynamic Chiropractic

By Richard C. Schafer, DC, FICC

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The two most important instruments for chiropractors are their hands and a well-designed adjusting table. Some graduates in recent years have not been taught the optimal applications of either. The following suggested procedures, regarding the art of articular correction, are based on established biomechanical principles. They are not new. They are the teachings of pioneer chiropractic.


Seven cardinal rules are suggested for the application of any adjustive technic. They concern:

(1)   preadjustment tissue relaxation;
(2)   preadjustment patient positioning;
(3)   directing the impulse drive carefully in line with the facets’ plane of articulation;
(4)   applying the active contact on the strongest logical point of the segment;
(5)   using the mechanical advantage of leverage;
(6)   applying segmental distraction before the thrust; and
(7)   timing the thrust.

The well-designed adjusting tables available today contain a multitude of potential adjustments to help achieve these goals. It is unfortunate that many DCs practice for years with little knowledge of why these many position and tension variables are available or when they should be used. This column will attempt to solve this apparently widespread mystery. (more…)