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New Podcast Interview with J. David Cassidy: No Increased Risk of Stroke With Chiropractic

J David Cassidy, DC DrMedSc, PhD is a senior scientist in the Division of Health Care & Outcomes Research at Toronto Western Research Institute (TWRI).  He is also a professor in the Division of Epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health and professor in Clinical Epidemiology in the Department of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Toronto.  Dr. Cassidy also holds the Research Directorship in Artists’ Health at the University Health Network.

Originally trained as a chiropractor, Dr. Cassidy practiced in both Ontario and Saskatchewan, where he was a member of the Medical-Dental Staff at the Royal University Hospital and a consultant chiropractor to the Division of Orthopedic Surgery. He also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Anatomy, a Master of Science in Surgery and a Doctorate in Anatomical Pathology from the University of Saskatchewan. His second doctoral degree (Dr.Med.Sc.) was earned in Epidemiology and Injury Prevention at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden.

Dr. Cassidy has authored over 225 scientific papers and chapters in books, including publications in the New England Journal of Medicine, Achives of Internal Medicine, Spine and other international journals. His research interests include musculoskeletal and injury epidemiology. His current research focus is on disability prevention from occupational and traffic injuries, neurotrauma (brain and spinal cord injury) and health issues in artists.

Dr. Cassidy is recently known for a paper published in Spine that examined more than 100 million person years and concluded there was no additional risk of stroke following a visit to a chiropractor versus seeing a medical doctor.

In this episode of the chiropractic podcast On The Other Hand, J. David Cassidy speaks with Dr. Brett Kinsler about this paper, its strengths and its criticisms.

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