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The Art of the Chiropractic Adjustment: Part IV

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The Art of the Chiropractic Adjustment: Part IV

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SOURCE: Dynamic Chiropractic

By Richard C. Schafer, DC, FICC

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The aim of this series is to define certain general principles that underlie almost all chiropractic adjustive techniques. Parts I and II of this series reviewed depth of drive, the articular snap, segmental distraction, timing, the advantages of placing the patient’s spine in an oval posture, correct table height, and patient positioning objectives. Part III summarized the factor of time in the clinical approach and its underlying biomechanical principles of tissue viscoelasticity, fatigue, creep, and relaxation. This column reviews the need to visualize the loading effects on articular cartilage, joint lubrication, action of the intra-articular synovial tabs, and the articular planes to deliver a corrective thrust most effectively.

Loading Effects on Articular Cartilage

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