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Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

Health Coaching: A Model That Makes Sense for Chiropractic

By |May 13, 2011|Editorial, Health Promotion|

Health Coaching: A Model That Makes Sense for Chiropractic

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SOURCE:   Dynamic Chiropractic

By Guy Riekeman, DC, President, Life University

As anyone who has ever raised a teenager knows all too well, telling someone to do something because it’s “good for them” can feel like so much wasted breath. Chiropractors also can find themselves winded from exhorting (encouraging, cajoling, threatening, nagging, etc.) patients to persist with their programs of care and enhance their overall well-being with more frequent chiropractic visits, better nutrition, more sleep, stress management and exercise.

Recent health care trends and research are supporting what you may have already suspected from years in practice: Simply telling people what to do often does not lead to them actually doing it. Showing them how and leading them through it stands a much better chance of working.

Patient Education vs. Coaching

Traditional patient education – loading people up with facts and figures and sending them home with a stack of brochures to tackle on their own – often doesn’t empower patients with the true understanding and skills they’ll need to persist and succeed with a health care regimen. Health coaching leaves less to chance. A health coaching approach provides a more interactive consultation model whereby the coach and patient work together to map out care plans. The coach proactively monitors progress, provides counseling and new strategies for navigating through rough patches, and holds the patient accountable to agreed-upon goals. (more…)