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“Raise vaccination rates”, Gates says to health leaders

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Full Story at CBC News

Bill Gates will have the attention of most of the world’s health ministers on Tuesday, when he plans to share one main message: Get your vaccination rates up. Gates is pushing to get countries to increase vaccination rates as an easy, low-cost way to protect their populations. He is scheduled to give the keynote address at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

“Every percentage point you increase from where we are now to that goal you’re talking about hundreds of children who don’t die and thousands of children who don’t get sick in a way that prevents their brain from developing fully,” he said.

During Tuesday’s speech, Gates will highlight strong results from a new meningitis vaccine in the West African nation of Burkina Faso, where last year there were 66 cases in the first four months. This year the country has seen only one case. A “meningitis belt” runs through Burkina Faso, Chad, Nigeria and Niger. But the new vaccine, which is being given to infants and adults, has shown strong results so far.

“It’s a success story,” Gates said. “For people who live in the meningitis belt the kind of fear and seeing the kids who are made deaf because of it they see it as a huge breakthrough. People immediately come and get this vaccine because they have such a fear of the disease.”

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  1. Maine Chiropractor May 24, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    I’d respectfully disagree with that line of thought. By that line of thinking, an atlas toggle prior to ingesting arsenic would keep you from dying.

    Please NOTE:

    The author titled as “Chiropractic Physician” had had all his posts removed after mailing me ugly and unprofessional personal mail. The e-mail addresses he listed were also false, since my replies to both of his addresses bounced.

    That is the behavior of a coward.

    He will NOT be missed.

    This Blog is open for all DCs to post their opinions, pro and con, on a variety of topics that concern our profession. Nothing is “off the table”, but you are ALWAYS expected to be respectful of other DCs while you pose your counter-arguments.

  2. Maine Chiropractor May 26, 2011 at 2:15 pm

    More silly and far fetched than the idea that a cocktail of killed (mostly, but not always) or weakened viruses, adjuvants that may contain mercury, aluminum or other metals, proteins from any number of animals, and stray bits of human DNA from the medium the viruses are grown (from aborted fetuses) should be injected directly into the human body, bypassing the secretory IgA portion of the body’s immune system?

    Our immunological homeostasis was developed to be very capable in dealing with the natural world, and the constant barrage of challenges that have been the norm since the dawn of time, not the barrage of chemicals, electromagnetic fields, radiation and genetically modified foodstuffs that have all come on the scene in the last century.

    If chiropractic optimizes the immune system to the point where the vaccinations side effects are not a concern, then why can it not deal with measles, or seasonal flu on it’s own and bypass the need for vaccination entirely?

  3. Maine Chiropractor May 31, 2011 at 11:07 am

    I am unaware of the existence of a pure medium at this point in time. Where do you feel that I am being unreasonable exactly? I simply think that pushing mass vaccinations is a bad idea as I’ve studied the topic extensively and changed my own mind in the past two years. I welcome the opportunity for an open and honest debate. An opinion contrary to your own does not necessarily make it unreasonable.

  4. Maine Chiropractor June 1, 2011 at 8:35 am

    Pure mediums? You can’t even request separate vaccinations for the MMR. They no longer manufacture them. You mention that you and I lived thought it. I’m not sure how old you are, but I lived through a grand total of 8 vaccinations (not counting the ones the USMC pumped me full of as an adult). The current vaccination schedule is closer to 40 jabs in the first 5 years. Lets not forget you are supposed to get a flu shot every single year for the rest of your life (they DO contain mercury). That would bring it up to about 120 shots per lifetime. I’m not even counting the Gardasil vaccine for young women (89 deaths and counting, banned in Australia and Japan). No country vaccinates more than the US. Our infant mortality rate is bottom of the barrel for a developed nation. Japan is near the top and they vaccinate the least (12). It is not a matter of being a doomsayer or a malcontent, it is a matter of critically reading every piece of information that you come across and weighing risks and benefits. Having personally witnessed an afebrile seizure in a child within hours of a vaccination, my pro-vaccination views have changed somewhat. The same child has now been diagnosed with ASD. Coincidence? Maybe. Definitely reason enough to do more reading and form my own opinions outside the CDC party line.

  5. Maine Chiropractor June 2, 2011 at 4:29 pm

    Nobody remembers how their body responded to a vaccine when they were a toddler. That is just crazy. As for Uncle Sam’s vaccinations, everybody had flu like symptoms within 48 hours of getting a dozen vaccines at once. We were assured it was probably just a bug that was brought to basic training by a recruit. Weird how we all got it at the EXACT same time though. Only later did we find out that one of the vaccines was an experimental one for anthrax. Since then it’s been shown to cause neurological impairment or death in 2% of adults who get it. Not to worry, the brainiacs at the DHHS are recommending research trials on children now.

  6. Maine Chiropractor June 2, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    I do not understand the inability to admit that many if not most vaccines are unnecessary (as are so many pharmacological interventions). Most are for non-lethal diseases. They tend to “wear off” over the course of a lifetime, putting an adult at far greater risk if they are infected then. Chicken pox isn’t a big deal as a child, but is potentially deadly if you are an adult. Contracting mumps as an adult can cause sterility. If you were to just “get it over with” as a kid you would have lifetime immunity. We are now being told by the CDC that the 2011 flu shot will be the same as the 2010 flu shot, because the strains haven’t changed and they “wear off”. The antibodies of the people who fought it off on their own will still be present however. Simple improvements in hygiene had infectious disease rates were in free-fall prior to the advent of mass vaccination. Public health may have improved regardless. There is no way of knowing.


    Right you are. It’s well known that disease incidence declined long before the advent of antibiotics because of public sanitation improvements…water treatment and proper sewage.

  7. Maine Chiropractor June 3, 2011 at 6:49 am

    You are clearly parroting someone else. Learn to think for yourself. Read information from independent sources, rather than exclusively from drug manufacturers or government agencies. Your ignorance of statements made by our own CDC and DHHS speaks volumes. They admit their failures at every turn, yet you choose to turn a blind eye in the desperate hope that the cool kids in the medical community will want to be your buddies (it won’t work, you seem to want their jobs).
    Simply adhering to the general consensus is what is embarrassing. How many times has the general consensus been wrong? But, hey what do I know? After all you seem to be the self appointed spokes person for an entire profession. I’ll leave you to your self aggrandizing lectures directed at us simple folk.

  8. Maine Chiropractor June 3, 2011 at 2:58 pm

    I think you mean that you reserve you efforts to those who agree with you, and those people alone. Science is not advanced by the autocratic approach of a select few in an ivory tower that shut out dissent. Intolerance of opinions different than your own only serves to make you seem petulant and more than a little pompous. You’ve resorted to name calling and repetition. You have pidgeon-holed me into a box that you yourself have imagined based on biases and pre-conceived assumptions. In your zeal to express your own opinions you have failed to listen to what I am saying.

    I am not a straight chiropractor. Nor am I an anti-vaccination fanatic. I am a skeptical student of history and with a little reason and a few deep breaths (possibly anger management)you could be too. I look into the facts for myself and distrust the financial motives of a very large drug industry that has a history of mismanaging patients. I worked for a major university hospital prior to becoming a DC. Much of my undergrad degree was devoted to immunology and histology.
    The current recommended vaccine schedule has 5 times as many vaccinations as it did a generation ago. The sheer load of preservatives, metals and other chemicals needs to be evaluated objectively, yet it has not been studied. Infant and early childhood mortality did not change much despite the glut of new immunizations. This begs the question, why have them then? Many vaccinations are not warranted, and do not enhance anything but the wallet health of the manufacturer. Still others have severe question marks hanging over them as to their safety or effectiveness (Gardasil, flu-shots) There is a time and place for a vaccination. Those who will face exposure to a fatal disease should consider the option. Non-lethal diseases are not a reason to vaccinate. Measles? Chicken pox? Why bother? Diphtheria, now there is a deadly disease. Tetanus? That actually makes sense. Logic and reason should carry the day when making these decisions, not blind adherence to public policy (often influenced by business interests).

    Think about these things critically and from the perspective that nature knows what it is doing. Refrain from meddling with the things we (our bodies) can handle on our own. All interventions carry risk. Vaccinations are no exception. They can set the patient up for potentially life threatening complications down the road. In the same vein, vaccines contain many chemicals and byproducts of the tissue medium that the pathogen was cultured in, that can trigger severe disabling or potentially fatal complications in certain individuals. It is the height of irresponsibility (criminally negligent to my mind) to mass vaccinate without taking these people into account. Are they less valuable because of their adverse reaction? Should they be passed over for the public good?

    I find Bill Gates’ willingness laud people who tested an experimental vaccine on unwitting peoples in a 3rd world country despicable. Did our own president not just apologize to the people of Guatemala for the exact same thing? The same tactic was used there with terrible results. It’s just the Tuskegee experiments all over again when you withhold an explanation of the risk and do not get consent. Alas, the use of experimental drugs on unsuspecting villagers in the 3rd world is nothing new. These tests are conducted outside the reach of competent authorities who would limit such behavior. This is no accident.

    Ask difficult questions and ask them boldly. Don’t hide behind the consensus of the “scientific” community. Plenty of legitimate scientists feel differently than you do. Angry outbursts will win no one to your way of thinking. Remember: scientific consensus once was that the earth was flat.

    Science exists, moreover, only as a journey toward truth. Stifle dissent and you end that journey.
    -John Charles (He’s a big deal to chemistry nerds)

    Some light reading you may or may not like:

  9. Frank M. Painter, D.C. June 3, 2011 at 5:00 pm

    Chiropractic Physician,

    Please lighten up on the name calling or I will block your posts.

    A few facts about Flu shots:

    The American College of Physicians website claims that “Influenza is the sixth leading cause of death for older Americans, causing 300,000 hospitalizations and killing 30,000 to 40,000 Americans every year.” [1]

    • Those statistics are totally INACCURATE. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) compile yearly death rates, and categorize deaths by cause. During the year 2002, the actual number of deaths attributed to influenza was only 753. [2] Almost all of those deaths occurred in people over 75, who already had pre-existing conditions, AND weakened immune systems.
    • Accurate statistical analyses are further complicated by the fact that the diagnostic codes which classify diseases (known as “ICD codes”) lump flu and pneumonia together in the same section. This is where ACP made their mistake.
    • Viewed from another perspective, during that same year, 3,454 Americans died from malnutrition — 13 times as many people as from the flu. It’s a shame we can’t immunize the poor for malnutrition. [2]
    • Even more disturbing is a study published in 2007, by Lone Simonsen, Ph.D., and his team at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease at the NIH. They concluded that flu shots have had no impact on reducing morbidity from flu complications in people over 65. The study demonstrated no changes in death rates between 1980, when only 20 million people got the shot, to recent years when over 80 million did. Thus, flu shots appear to be failing to achieve their major objective: lowering death rates. [3]

    We request that those of you with strong opinions either pro or con, please cite some peer-reviewed sources, so that we may all review where your opinion came from.


    1. Should Vaccinations be Required for Health Care Workers?
    From the July-August ACP Observer 2004

    2. Flu Death Statistics compiled by the CDC
    (See p.16)

    3. Mortality Benefits of Influenza Vaccination in Elderly People: An Ongoing Controversy
    The Lancet Infectious Diseases 2007 (Oct); 7 (10): 658- 666

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