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On The Other Hand Podcast Episode: How Focusing on Posture Can Unite Chiropractic

PodcastThe separation is killing us. The isolation of chiropractic from the rest of health care is already difficult enough but we have huge pockets of isolation within chiropractic like cells of solitary confinement within an already secluded imprisonment. Further division continues to dilute something which is already weakened, already damaged. We need to find a solution to this or we are doomed to disappear. Dr. Steven Weiniger thinks the common thread needed to stitch the profession together, perhaps even unify chiropractic, lies in how we carry ourselves. Literally.  How we physically stand up in posture. Can positioning ourselves as the posture experts be the flag all chiropractors can stand behind, regardless of scientific or fundamental orientation?

Dr. Brett L. Kinsler, host of On The Other Hand Podcast, discusses this topic with Dr. Steven Weiniger of PostureZone.

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8 comments to On The Other Hand Podcast Episode: How Focusing on Posture Can Unite Chiropractic

  • I began searching for postural correction solutions after it became clear to me that diversified adjusting had little effect on posture, and I was dissatisfied with the effects of postural exercises. I found Advanced Biostructural Correction about six years ago, and have had spectacular results in my clinic. I recommend that anyone interested in postural correction at least investigate this technique. Feel free to contact me to talk if you have questions about my experiences. Best wishes!


    Dr. Fiske,

    There are a variety of techniques that focus on postural, as well as spinal correction. One of the earliest was Pierce-Stillwagon, later Pierce Results System. Dr. Burl Pettibon worked with Dr. Pierce on research in his last days, and Pettibon also focuses on posture. Since then, several other techniques have sprung up, including Chiropractic BioPhysics.

    Most of them can be found at our:

    Chiropractic Technique Page

  • Wow, this seems a little naive in my book. Believing that “postural correction” can unite a profession so divided it should really be 2 separate entities. The silent majority of Chiropractors want to expand our profession into the 21st century while the vocal minority continue to be the “voice of Chiropractic”. Lets separate now. The chiro-ticians can adjust to their hearts desire (at a reduced rate of course), perhaps even working under the license of Chiropractic Physicians (who will provide the prescription for adjustments, nutrition, rehab, lifestyle changes, etc.). Is posture important? Yes. Will it “cure” anything? No. The subluxation complex (which I whole-heartedly believe in), is CAUSED more than posture, muscle spasms, injury, etc. What we really need is the understanding between all parties (ICA, ACA, WFC, etc.), is that Chiropractic is BROAD scoped and IF the individual people choose to limit themselves as “specialists” within Chiropractic…then that is fine. But, we need to come together like the PT’s have and stand united. With 2020 looming, the PT’s are already yelling about their need for prescription medications, and their education already includes spinal manipulation. They WILL BE the primary “back doctors” within a few short years. My idea: lets stop shooting at ourselves and start getting on the offensive. People are sick and tired of being sick and tired! Lets position ourselves as DD had envisioned…a truly alternative to the medical profession. Primary Care Providers who prescribe all things natural. If it is derived from nature, lets use it! We can then catapult ourselves into the forefront of modern “health care”. Gone will be our need to compete against those entrenched in the medical model (PT’s, MT’s, OT’s, etc.).
    Just my opinion.

  • karl

    Although not as interesting as some of the past interviews by Brett, this interview with Dr. Weiniger was somewhat interesting nonetheless. Maybe I misunderstood but I don’t believe Dr. Weiniger thought posture could solve the unity problems of chiropractic but it could serve as a unified/standard message or something we all could basically agree on. I think all to often many of us lose site of the global functional(kinetic chain) picture of the human body. Why, in my opinion because of third party pay. We are rewarded for minimal/reduced visits. For many patients its not enough to give them a educational booklet and/or quickly tell them to stand up straight for their individual postural dysfunction. It can require structural/kinetic chain based manipulation along with specific exercise. Having a unified message regarding “posture” seems to be a good idea.

  • Dr Steven Weiniger/BodyZone.com

    The professions dichotomy is summarized well by the above comment “Lets separate now.” being followed 6 lines later by “we need to come together like the PT’s have and stand united. ” After 30 years of practice and serving on the boards of the state association as well as managed care credentialing organizations, my belief is that you will never get the factions to agree, that splitting up is political suicide, that mainstream is going towards many of the concepts we espouse, and that competition will only get stiffer. Posture is an area of agreement with common-sense relevance to the layperson, and observing posture and strengthening functional control of the kinetic chain fits with any accepted technique. Communicating about posture and empowering people to strengthen their posture are concepts DCs from across the philosophic spectrum are doing successfully…and can be a way to shift the profession towards making a greater contribution.

  • karl

    Again, I agree with Dr.Weiniger. Let’s find something we can all agree on like posture. At least the basics and how to communicate/market that to patients and potential patients.

  • Maine Chiropractor

    Postural rehabilitation is a tremendous way to improve the way our patient’s feel and function. I think the mixers and straights can agree on this. Lets work together and move the profession forward!

  • I hope that our profession will just start focusing more on the patients and not how much money we can make. The more we care for the patient the more money we will make, crazy isnt it.

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