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Daily Archives: June 28, 2011

WikiChiro Foundation Formed to Set the Record Straight on Chiropractic

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WikiChiro Foundation Formed to Set the Record Straight on Chiropractic

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Doctors of chiropractic have long been dismayed by Wikipedia’s description(s) of the profession. In response, several DCs have formed the WikiChiro Foundation to provide a scientifically unbiased center for the public and for the profession to obtain the most current scientifically accurate information regarding the chiropractic profession. The Foundation will incorporate in New Jersey and file for 501C(iii) status as a charitable institution.

WikiChiro, unlike Medpedia or WebMD, will not accept advertisements or corporate money. All editors will have to identify themselves and reveal any conflicts of interest. Unlike certain medical sites, WikiChiro’s editors will not make derogatory statements about other health care professions. already boasts many of the foremost chiropractic research scientists from around the world.

WikiChiro is the brainchild of its chairman, Robert Press, MS (Comp. Sci), soon to be Dr. Robert Press. It was organized by his father, Dr. Stephen Press, of Englewood, N.J. Stephen Press, DC, PhD, is best known as the founder of the Fédération Internationalede Chiropratique du Sport (FICS)—)aks: the International Federation of Sports Chiropractic). (more…)