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Daily Archives: July 9, 2011

MRI Update

By |July 9, 2011|Radiology|

MRI Update

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By Caitlin Lukacs

Technological progress is not reserved for cell phones and iPads. Advanced imaging modalities, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), have benefited from recent advances as well. In fact, MRI has become the gold standard of advanced imaging for the spine and extremity joints. “It’s hard to do anything in medicine without imaging,” says Norman Kettner, DC, DACBR, professor of clinical science and chairman of the Department of Radiology at Logan College of Chiropractic. “In fact, in a survey of the top 25 internists in the United States, MRI and CT scans were rated No. 1 as the most important development in medical science in the previous century.

What Is MRI?

Gary Longmuir, DC, DACBR, clinical radiologist and president of the ACA Council on Diagnostic Imaging, explains that MRIs create images of the internal structures of the body based on the energy released from hydrogen protons. Because the body is largely made up of water and each water molecule contains two hydrogen protons, when a person enters the magnetic field created by the MRI scanner, the magnetic charges of the protons change and align with the direction of the scanner’s field. When the field is then turned off, the protons return to their original energy state, releasing the energy difference as photons that are detected by the scanner as a “signal” similar to a radio wave. The protons of distinct tissues return to their original energy states at different rates, and this difference is detected by the MRI scanner.

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