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Daily Archives: August 21, 2011

Steroid Injections Offer Little Relief for Lower Back Pain

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Steroid Injections Offer Little Relief for Lower Back Pain

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SOURCE:   Amer Acad Orthop Surgeons March 10-14 · San Francisco, CA

“Effects of Epidural Steroids in the Lumbar Spine: A Double Blind Randomized Control Trial”

Podium Presentation

By Andrew Skelly

SAN FRANCISCO – A randomized, controlled trial has shown an epidural or translaminar steroid injection is ineffective for the relief of lower back pain.

“I’m not saying that steroids don’t work. I’m just saying there’s definite reason to question whether they work or not,” Dr. Daniel Steinitz, an orthopedic surgeon at Belleville General Hospital in Ontario, said in an interview after his presentation at the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons meeting here.

Dr. Steinitz, who worked on the study during his residency at McGill University in Montreal, said steroid injections for lumbar pain are popular but research on their use over the past 40 years has produced conflicting results. Nor is the procedure benign, with dural puncture leading to headache being one of the more common complications. (more…)