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Daily Archives: October 27, 2011

The Direction of Chiropractic Pediatric ResearchA Q&A w/ Dr. Brian Kelly, Life West President

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The Direction of Chiropractic Pediatric Research
A Q&A w/ Dr. Brian Kelly, Life West President

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SOURCE: Dynamic Chiropractic

By Claudia Anrig, DC

I would like to start this article by welcoming Dr. Brian Kelly and congratulating him as the new president of Life Chiropractic College West.

Dr. Kelly, for those who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet, can you share some of your experiences from your tenure as president of New Zealand College of Chiropractic (NZCC)?

I was practicing full time in Melbourne, Australia, for 11 years, and was invited to join the Board of Trustees of the NZ College. Two years later an opportunity arose to apply for the presidency. Little did I think I would ever work in education! I was president for eight years (2003-2011) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

During this time, enrollment grew, we achieved accreditation with the CCE (Australasia), developed a meaningful research department and moved to a new campus. This was achieved while maintaining a vitalistic approach to chiropractic.

At NZCC you had a strong emphasis on research; why do you consider research such an important component of chiropractic?

A profession is defined (in part) by its unique body of knowledge. In fact chiropractic is a philosophy, art and science. Unless a profession continually works at answering great research questions, it may not evolve or have the same level of credibility as those that do. For example, imagine finding out better ways of taking care of patients? That alone would be one reason to do research. To this end, I served on the board of the Australian Spinal Research Foundation for 11 years. We raised funds and gave grants to chiropractic researchers. (more…)