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Radiologic Manifestations of Spinal Subluxations

Chiro.Org Blog: This chapter describes the radiologic signs that may be expected when spinal subluxations are demonstrable by radiography. Through the years, there have been several concepts within the chiropractic profession about what actually constitutes a subluxation. Each has had its rationale (anatomical, neurologic, or kinematic), and each has had certain validity contributing to our understanding of this complex phenomenon. […]

Regular Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation Lowers Colon Cancer Risk More Than Eighty Percent

Chiro.Org Blog: Researchers, just publishing in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology (CJPP), have found that a diet enhanced with vitamin and mineral supplementation can lower the risk of developing precancerous colon cancer lesions by up to 84%. Colon cancer is the second most common form of the disease affecting men and women in the US, with nearly 150,000 new diagnoses each year. […]

Steps Set for Livestock Antibiotic Ban

Source NY Times

The Obama administration must warn drug makers that the government may soon ban agricultural uses of some popular antibiotics that many scientists say encourage the proliferation of dangerous infections and imperil public health, a federal magistrate judge ruled on Thursday.

The order, issued by Judge Theodore H. Katz […]

The Chiropractic Care of Patients with Asthma: A Systematic Review of the Literature to Inform Clinical Practice

Chiro.Org Blog: This systematic review found 2 previous reviews that concluded that chiropractic care provided benefit to asthmatic patients, [41] and [42] one review was neutral [40] while 3 reviews [7], [39] and [43] concluded that the addition of chiropractic care to usual medical care provided no benefit to asthmatic patients. From a chiropractic perspective, the dissenting reviews challenge the veracity of the chiropractic clinical experience. The sweeping conclusion by Ernst [7] that spinal manipulation is not effective in the treatment of asthma reflected his disinclination to critically and objectively appraise such studies. Alcantara et al. [56] challenged the veracity of Ernst’s review by pointing out the same issues that Kaminskyj et al. [42] failed to consider in their systematic review. […]

Clinical Decision-making to Facilitate Appropriate Patient Management in Chiropractic Practice: ‘The 3-questions Model’

Chiro.Org Blog: Clinical decision-making is considered to be a key characteristic of any modern healthcare practitioner. It is, thus, prudent for chiropractors to re-visit the concept of defensible practice with a view to facilitate capable clinical decision-making and competent patient examination skills. In turn, the perception of competence and trustworthiness of chiropractors within the wider healthcare community helps integration of chiropractic services into broader healthcare settings. […]

Wilk v. AMA 25 Years Later: Why It Still Isn’t Over

Chiro.Org Blog: ACA President Keith Overland, DC, points out that post Wilk, the bias is more subtle and, for example, AMA has created statutory language that limits the legal definition of physician to MDs, DOs and dentists. “Their explanation is that consumers can’t understand,” he says. “I disagree. We have smart consumers.” […]

WHO Focuses on Aging Population for World Health Day

Between 2000 and 2050, the proportion of the world’s population over 60 years will double from about 11 percent to 22 percent.

Source Occupational Health and Safety

One of the biggest social transformations is population aging. Soon, the world will have more older people than children and more people of very old age […]

Patient Satisfaction With Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care

Chiro.Org Blog: Upper cervical chiropractic care may have a fairly common occurrence of mild intensity SRs short in duration (<24 hours), and rarely severe in intensity; however, outcome assessments were significantly improved with less than 3 weeks of care with a high level of patient satisfaction. Although our findings need to be confirmed in subsequent randomized studies for definitive risk-benefit assessment, the preliminary data shows that the benefits of upper cervical chiropractic care may outweigh the potential risks. […]

Promoting Chiropractic

Chiro.Org Blog: The Foundation for Chiropractic Progress has been a busy little beaver in 2011, promoting our profession in the print media. You might be interested in looking at some of the materials they have produced. […]

Cerebral Perfusion in Patients with Chronic Neck and Upper Back Pain: Preliminary Observations

Chiro.Org Blog: In this group of patients with neck and/or upper back pain, NDI scores strongly predicted cerebral hypoperfusion. Spinal joint dysfunction may be involved via hyperactivity in the regional sympathetic nervous system. […]

Cerebral Metabolic Changes in Men After Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation for Neck Pain

Chiro.Org Blog: Increased glucose metabolism was observed in the inferior prefrontal cortex, anterior cingulated cortex, and middle temporal gyrus, and decreased glucose metabolism was found in the cerebellar vermis and visual association cortex, in the treatment condition (P < .001). Comparisons of questionnaires indicated a lower stress level and better quality of life in the treatment condition. A significantly lower VAS was noted after CSM. Cervical muscle tone and salivary amylase were decreased after CSM. […]