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The Subluxation – Historical Perspectives Part II

Chiro.Org Blog: This paper reviews some of the early uses of subluxation and manipulation identifying highlights, to help the reader appreciate that subluxation and manipulation, both spinal and general, are as old as civilisation itself. […]

The Subluxation – Historical Perspectives

Chiro.Org Blog: This paper describes the controversy surrounding terminology arrived at through consensus in the latter part of the 20th century in addition to ongoing issues surrounding the use of the term subluxation. […]

The Placebo, the Sensory Trick and Chiropractic

The Placebo, the Sensory Trick and Chiropractic

The Chiro.Org Blog

SOURCE:   Chiropractic J. Australia 2004 (Jun); 34 (2): 58–62

Brian S. Budgell, DC, MSc

School of Health Sciences, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

Thanks to Dr. Brian S. Budgell and Dr. Rolf Peters, editor of the Chiropractic Journal of Australia for […]

How Deliciously Unscientific! Modern Medicine Embraces Intuition

Chiro.Org Blog: This new MedPage review advises medical doctors that:   Physicians should pay attention to their “gut feeling” that something may be seriously wrong when assessing a child with an infectious disease — even if the clinical appearance is reassuring. […]

A Replication of the Ernst Study“Adverse Effects of Spinal Manipulation: A Systematic Review”

Chiro.Org Blog: The review of the 32 papers discussed by Ernest found numerous errors or inconsistencies from the original case reports and case series. These errors included alteration of the age or sex of the patient, and omission or misrepresentation of the long term response of the patient to the adverse event. Other errors included incorrectly assigning spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) as chiropractic treatment when it had been reported in the original paper as delivered by a non-chiropractic provider (e.g. Physician). […]

The Toxic Home

Chiro.Org Blog: No one can deny that industrialization has created quite a few conveniences. But with these modern-day conveniences have come modern-day health hazards – the worst being those that are potentially toxic to ourselves and our children. […]

Biomechanical Lesion: A Better Diagnostic Term for the Profession

By John R. Bomar, DC Source Dynamic Chiropractic

For those who may not be aware, the World Health Organization’s latest revision of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) uses a new primary term to describe the major condition treated by chiropractic physicians.

The new term is biomechanical lesion and the code […]

ACA Advocates for N.M. Chiropractic Physicians’ Right to Self-Determination

Source The ACA

The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) today(September 13th, 2012) filed an amicus curiae (friend of the court) brief in the New Mexico Court of Appeals, supporting the expertise of chiropractic physicians in that state and their right to self-determination.

ACA was compelled to file the brief after the International […]

Happy 117th Birthday to Chiropractic!

Happy 117th Birthday to Chiropractic!

The Chiro.Org Blog

Today is a big day for our Profession, having achieving it’s 117th birthday.

Let’s review the evolution of the profession as discussed on 2 very high quality medical websites:

The Evolution of Chiropractic in Health Care

The scientific merit of spinal dysfunction and therapeutic benefits of […]

Diagnosis and Management of Piriformis Syndrome

Piriformis syndrome is a neuromuscular condition characterized by hip and buttock pain. This syndrome is often overlooked in clinical settings because its presentation may be similar to that of lumbar radiculopathy, primary sacral dysfunction, or innominate dysfunction. The ability to recognize piriformis syndrome requires an understanding of the structure and function of the piriformis muscle and its relationship to the sciatic nerve. […]

Chiropractic Management of a US Army Veteran With Low Back Pain and Piriformis Syndrome

Chiro.Org Blog: A patient with a piriformis anomaly with symptoms of low back pain and piriformis syndrome responded positively to conservative chiropractic care, although the underlying cause of the piriformis syndrome remained. […]

Conservative Chiropractic Management of Urinary Incontinence Using Applied Kinesiology: A Retrospective Case-series Report

Chiro.Org Blog: The purpose of this case series is to describe the chiropractic management of 21 patients with daily stress and occasional total urinary incontinence (UI). For twenty-one reported cases, with patients 13 to 90 years of age, urinary incontinence symptoms resolved in 10 patients, considerably improved in 7 cases, and slightly improved in 4 cases. […]

When Research Challenges Our Assumptions

Chiro.Org Blog: When new research, research reviews or practice guidelines support our current beliefs and practices, enthusiasm comes easily. When the 2007 medical practice guidelines on low back pain (LBP) jointly prepared by the American Pain Society and the American College of Physicians recognized spinal manipulation as the only non-pharmacologic method providing “proven benefits” for acute LBP and as one of several methods (including exercise, rehabilitation, acupuncture and yoga) proven effective for chronic LBP, the American Chiropractic Association and doctors of chiropractic (DCs) everywhere welcomed this as a long-overdue recognition of the value of our primary treatment methods. […]