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Monthly Archives: October 2012


Senate Investigation Reveals That Millions Were Paid for Positive Spin on Spine Fusion Product

By |October 25, 2012|Ethics, News|

Senate Investigation Reveals That Millions Were Paid
for Positive Spin on Spine Fusion Product

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SOURCE: MedPage Today ~ October 25, 2012

By John Fauber

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and MedPage Today

Highly positive studies, published in peer-reviewed medical journals, depicted Medtronic’s spine fusion product as a major breakthrough in back surgery, but those studies were drafted and edited with direct input from Medtronic employees, while the doctors listed as authors were paid millions, according to a U.S. Senate investigation.

The company’s heavy, undisclosed manipulation of information about its bone morphogenetic protein-2 product called Infuse included removing and downplaying concerns about serious complications linked to the product and overstating its benefits.

The Money Trail

Over the course of 15 years, Medtronic paid $210 million to a group of 13 doctors who co-authored the series of now-repudiated papers about the product. The payments also included two corporate entities associated with some of the doctors.

The investigation by Senate Committee on Finance was prompted in part by Journal Sentinel/MedPage Today investigations that showed how the practice of medicine has been corrupted by conflicts of interest involving doctors, drug and device companies and medical journals.


Special issue on spinal manipulation to appear in JEK

By |October 12, 2012|News|

Source Chiropractic Economics

The  prestigious Journal of Electromyography and Kinesiology (JEK) will publish an entire issue dedicated to research on the topic of Spinal Manipulation in a Special Issue appearing in October 2012.

Published by Elsevier, the JEK is the primary source for outstanding original articles on the study of muscle contraction and human motion through combined mechanical and electrical detection techniques. As the official publication of The International Society of Electrophysiology and Kinesiology, the journal is dedicated to publishing the best work in all areas of electromyography and kinesiology, including: control of movement, muscle fatigue, muscle and nerve properties, joint biomechanics, electrical stimulation, motion analysis, sports and exercise, measures of human performance, and rehabilitation.

At the invitation of the journal Editor-in-Chief Moshe Solomonow, PhD, MD, (Hon), three prominent individuals in the forefront of spinal manipulation research were selected to serve as guest editors for the Special Issue. Chris Colloca, DC; Joel Pickar, DC, PhD; and Malik Slosberg, DC, MSc, were invited to serve as guest editors and compile related papers from the worldwide spinal manipulation field for the issue. (more…)

The Treatment Experience of Patients With Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

By |October 10, 2012|Chiropractic Care, Pregnancy, Safety|

The Treatment Experience of Patients With Low Back Pain During Pregnancy

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SOURCE:   Chiropractic & Manual Therapies 2012 (Oct 9)

Shabnam Sadr, Neda Pourkiani-Allah-Abad and Kent Jason Stuber

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, 6100 Leslie Street, Toronto, Ontario M2H 3 J1, Canada

Background   Chiropractors regularly treat pregnant patients for low back pain during their pregnancy. An increasing amount of literature on this topic supports this form of treatment; however the experience of the pregnant patient with low back pain and their chiropractor has not yet been explored. The objective of this study is to explore the experience of chiropractic treatment for pregnant women with low back pain, and their chiropractors.

Methods   This qualitative study employed semi-structured interviews of pregnant patients in their second or third trimester, with low back pain during their pregnancy, and their treating chiropractors in separate interviews. Participants consisted of 11 patients and 12 chiropractors. The interviews consisted of 10 open-ended questions for patients, and eight open-ended questions for chiropractors, asking about their treatment experience or impressions of treating pregnant patients with LBP, respectively. All interviews were audio-recorded, transcribed verbatim, and reviewed independently by the investigators to develop codes, super-codes and themes. Thematic saturation was reached after the eleventh chiropractor and ninth patient interviews. All interviews were analyzed using the qualitative analysis software N-Vivo 9.

Results   Five themes emerged out of the chiropractor and patient interviews. The themes consisted of Treatment and Effectiveness; Chiropractor-Patient Communication; Pregnant Patient Presentation and the Chiropractic Approach to Pregnancy Care; Safety Considerations; and Self-Care.

Conclusions   Chiropractors approach pregnant patients with low back pain from a patient-centered standpoint, and the pregnant patients interviewed in this study who sought chiropractic care appeared to find this approach helpful for managing their back pain symptoms.

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From the Full-Text Article:


Low back pain (LBP) during pregnancy is reported by approximately 50% to 80% of pregnant women [1-3]. The structural, postural, or hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, or any combination thereof, may lead to LBP during pregnancy [3]. Treatment options include a range of therapies, such as exercise programs, massage therapy, acupuncture, and chiropractic [4, 5]. Chiropractic care may include spinal manipulative therapy (SMT), mobilizations and soft tissue therapy, as well as exercise prescription. [3] Previous studies and systematic reviews of the literature have indicated the relative safety and effectiveness of chiropractic treatment for LBP during pregnancy. [3, 5, 7]


More Bad News For Low Back Pain Sufferers: Drug-induced Meningitis

By |October 4, 2012|Iatrogenic Injury, Low Back Pain, Steroids|

More Bad News For Low Back Pain Sufferers:
Drug-induced Meningitis

The Chiro.Org Blog

SOURCE:   Associated Press ~ Oct 4, 2012


Medication Linked to Meningitis Deaths May Have Reached 23 States

The potential scope of the meningitis outbreak that has killed at least five people widened dramatically Thursday as health officials warned that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of patients who got steroid back injections in 23 states could be at risk.

UPDATE: October 09, 2012: The number of identified cases has reached 119, with 11 deaths in 10 different states.

UPDATE: October 11, 2012: The number of identified cases has reached 170, with 14 deaths in 11 different states.

UPDATE: October 12, 2012: from MedScape The number of people exposed to potentially contaminated methylprednisolone acetate produced by the New England Compounding Center (NECC) in Framingham, Massachusetts, is closer to 14,000 — not 13,000 — as originally reported on October 8, federal health officials said today.

“These 14,000 patients received the medication as a steroid injection either into the spinal area or into a joint space such as a knee, shoulder or ankle,” said J. Todd Weber, MD, incident manager of the multistate meningitis outbreak at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). More than 12,000 of these people have been contacted to date, he said.

As of today, the CDC said a total of 170 cases (including the 14 deaths) have been reported across 11 states: Florida (7 cases, 2 deaths), Idaho (1 case), Indiana (21 cases, 1 death), Maryland (13 cases, 1 death), Michigan (39 cases, 3 deaths), Minnesota (3 cases), New Jersey (2 cases), North Carolina (2 cases), Ohio (3 cases), Tennessee (49 cases, 6 deaths), and Virginia (30 cases, 1 death).

UPDATE: October 25, 2012: from MedScape There are currently 328 reported cases of fungal infection, with 24 deaths now reported in 18 states. This includes 5 peripheral joint infections.

UPDATE: November 27, 2012: from Fox News There are currently 510 reported cases of fungal infection, with 36 deaths now reported in 19 states, and another 14 cases of peripheral joint infection reported.

NEW YORK (AP) — The potential scope of the meningitis outbreak that has killed at least five people widened dramatically Thursday as health officials warned that hundreds, perhaps thousands, of patients who got steroid back injections in 23 states could be at risk.

Clinics and medical centers rushed to contact patients who may have received the apparently fungus-contaminated shots. And the Food and Drug Administration urged doctors not to use any products at all from the Massachusetts pharmacy that supplied the suspect steroid solution.

It is not clear how many patients received tainted injections, or even whether everyone who got one will get sick.

So far, 35 people in six states — Tennessee, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, North Carolina and Indiana — have contracted fungal meningitis, and five of them have died, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All had received steroid shots for back pain, a highly common treatment.

This is especially disturbing, because

Steroid Injections Offer Minimal Relief for Lower Back Pain


Dr. Herbert Lee — dedicated chiropractor, CMCC founder, great friend

By |October 4, 2012|News|

Source CMCC

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Dr. Herbert Lee at 101 years of age, a month away from his 102nd birthday on November 5. Dr. Lee was the longest lived and last surviving founder of CMCC. He passed peacefully in Toronto on October 3, 2012.

Dr. Lee made a phenomenal contribution to chiropractic. He was one of a handful of great men who committed to founding CMCC, as an educational institution and as a unifying force to chiropractic in Canada. Dr. Lee was part of the steering committee which founded CMCC, and gave its inaugural lecture at CMCC’s first location, at 252 Bloor Street West, in September, 1945, when the lecturer failed to arrive. He continued this tradition giving the first lecture at the 1900 Bayview location when it opened, as well as the first lecture at CMCC’s current campus.

He continued lecturing well beyond retirement age, remaining a faculty member at CMCC for almost 60 years.

“Dr. Lee has been a stalwart of CMCC, imparting his knowledge of technique to multiple generations of chiropractors,” says Dr. Moss. Dr. Lee offered monthly seminars on adjustment techniques while he was well over 90 years old.

Dr. Herbert Lee was considered a great friend by those privileged to know him.