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Can Alzheimer’s Disease Be Prevented?

Chiro.Org Blog: With such striking epidemiologic examples, numerous lifestyle factors are now being taken seriously by researchers and clinicians as potential avenues for AD prevention, particularly given the current lack of disease-modifying treatments — in other words, the lack of a cure. Couple these insights with advances in neuroimaging and other biomarker tests that allow for early disease identification, and it appears we have at least some control over our brain health. But is lifestyle modification enough to actually prevent or significantly delay AD? Will adopting healthy habits heed results, or are other factors such as genetic influences standing in the way? […]

The Consequences of Zinc Deficiency

Chiro.Org Blog: A study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry [1] underscores the importance of zinc supplementation, especially as we get older, as an important means to help prevent cancer, support immune function, and control inflammation associated with many health problems, including cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disease and diabetes. […]

Bulletproof Your Documentation

Chiro.Org Blog: A recent survey of 80 chiropractors revealed that 72 percent of them collected paperwork for their clinic from various sources, creating a patchwork effect. Because very few utilized an actual system of paperwork, they admitted concern that some documentation could fall through the cracks. So, what paperwork should you have in your office? […]

Children and Scoliosis

Chiro.Org Blog: Successful treatment is dependent upon differentiating the underlying cause of the spinal curvature. In most children, the scoliotic spine is not symptomatic; the spinal curvature is first noticed either by a parent who becomes concerned about a child’s posture, or during a screening examination, usually at school. The importance of a good evaluation and early treatment is to prevent progression and worsening of the curvature. Children with all three major causes of scoliosis should have a careful evaluation of the lower extremities as part of their spinal examination to determine associated or contributing components to the spinal deviation. […]

Happy Independence Day! (2013)

Chiro.Org Blog: Happy Independence Day from Chiro.Org! […]

The Prevalence and Progression of Neck and Back Pain in Children Over Time

Chiro.Org Blog: It is well known that back pain (BP) is a common and costly problem in the general population. Previously, BP in children was considered rare and a sign of a potentially serious disorder [1,2]. Today, according to a recent systematic review, the general opinion would be that BP, including low back pain (LBP), mid back pain (MBP) and neck pain (NP), starts already early in life to accelerate during the early teens up till early adulthood [3] and that its presence in young age is a precursor for BP also in adulthood [4]. […]

Downward Dog Gets Thumbs Up From California Judge

Chiro.Org Blog: BRAVO! to California for allowing a San Diego-area school district to introduce Yoga as a twice weekly, 30-minute class. YAY! Although some parents were miffed because they thought it promoted Eastern religion (???) a federal Judge ruled in favor of the school. […]