February 2014
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ICD-10 Follies: There’s a Code For That???

Chiro.Org Blog: It is 224 days before the move to ICD-10 becomes a must-do. Lest the deadline slip your mind, MedPage Today is spotlighting some of those thousands of new codes that might just be getting a bit too granular. […]

The First Research Agenda for the Chiropractic Profession in Europe

Chiro.Org Blog: This is the first formal and systematic attempt to establish a research agenda for the chiropractic profession in Europe. The top three items identified during this process were: 1) cost-effectiveness/economic evaluations, 2) identification of subgroups likely to respond to treatment, and 3) initiation and promotion of collaborative research efforts. […]

Differentiating intraprofessional attitudes toward paradigms in health care delivery among chiropractic factions: results from a randomly sampled survey

Chiro.Org Blog: A stratified random sample of 740 Canadian chiropractors was surveyed to determine faction membership and how professional stratification could be related to views that could be considered unorthodox to current evidence-based care and guidelines. Stratification in practice behaviours is a stated concern of mainstream medicine when considering interprofessional referrals. […]

FDA’s NSAID Panel Nixes Naproxen Safety Claim

Chiro.Org Blog: In 16-9 vote, the FDA advisory committee assessing NSAID safety said the warning label on naproxen should not be changed to suggest it has a better cardiovascular risk profile than other drugs in this class. […]

Cost Effectiveness of Spinal Manipulation

Chiro.Org Blog: This systematic review found SMT to be a cost-effective treatment to manage spinal pain when used alone or in combination with GP care or advice and exercise compared to GP care alone, exercise or any combination of these. The findings were primarily based on single studies conducted in the UK and the Netherlands. […]

Outcomes From Magnetic Resonance Imaging–Confirmed Symptomatic Cervical Disk Herniation Patients Treated With High-Velocity, Low-Amplitude Spinal Manipulative Therapy

Chiro.Org Blog: A high proportion of acute and most importantly subacute/chronic patients with MRI-confirmed symptomatic cervical disk herniations treated with high-velocity, low-amplitude cervical spine manipulation reported clinically relevant improvement at 1 and 3 months after the first treatment. There were no adverse events reported for patients in this study. […]

Costs of Routine Care For Infant Colic in the UK and Costs of Chiropractic Manual Therapy

Chiro.Org Blog: This paper is a cost comparison of the medical and chiropractic care provided in Dr. Miller’s RTC study: Efficacy of Chiropractic Manual Therapy on Infant Colic: A Pragmatic Single-Blind, Randomized Controlled Trial […]

The Collateral Benefits Of Having Chiropractic Available In A Public Central Hospital

Chiro.Org Blog: The objective of this paper is to show that improved management of muscular and skeletal problems within a hospital setting depends on the availability of chiropractic health care as a treatment option. A majority of pain patients, after being subjected to traditional conservative treatment, usually over a period of several years, fail to return to work despite younger than average age. The only effective procedures seem to be those of chiropractors. In order to benefit from their particular knowledge, public hospitals need to open their doors to chiropractors. […]