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Daily Archives: October 8, 2014

Resolution of Hearing Loss After Chiropractic Manipulation

By |October 8, 2014|Chiropractic Care, Hearing Loss|

Resolution of Hearing Loss
After Chiropractic Manipulation

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SOURCE:   Topics in Integrative Health Care 2014 (Sep 30); 5 (3)

Melissa Ferranti, DC, Kimberly Keene, DC,
Chelsea Prothero, DC

Assistant Professor and Faculty Clinician
Palmer College of Chiropractic
Port Orange, FL, USA

Introduction:   While chiropractic care is often associated with the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, there are other, non-musculoskeletal conditions which may benefit from spinal manipulation (SM). This paper reports on the return of hearing in a woman treated with chiropractic adjustments after 8 months of lack of improvement through allopathic care. Pre and post audiograms were used for comparison.

Case Presentation:   In this report, a 46 year old white female with neck pain, tinnitus, and hearing loss was treated with cervical spinal manipulation with positive results. A pre-treatment audiogram indicated low-frequency hearing loss, worse in the left ear.

Intervention and Outcomes:   After being unsuccessfully medically treated over an 8 month period, she sought chiropractic care for the above symptoms. After 3 chiropractic adjustments, her hearing and associated symptoms were significantly improved. She received 12 treatments over a 4-month period. When asked to rate her hearing and fullness sensation in the ear on a Patient Specific Functional Scale with a 0-10 measure, where 0 is no deficits and 10 is completely impaired, initially she rated her symptoms as 7, and 5 months after the conclusion of care, her rating dropped to 1. Following treatment her audiogram was normal.

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