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Daily Archives: November 24, 2014

Improved Behavior and a Reduction in Violent Outbreaks in a 10-year-old Boy With Chiropractic Care

By |November 24, 2014|Pediatrics|

A Case Report of Improved Behavior and a Reduction in Violent Outbreaks in a 10-year-old Boy With Chiropractic Care

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SOURCE:   Journal on Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics 2014; 14 (3)

Jonathan R Cook, MChiro, DC, LRCC

Private chiropractic practice,
United Kingdom Author

Objective:   To present a single case study in which a reduction in violent behavior with a 10-year old boy was achieved when the patient underwent chiropractic treatment.

Design:   A case report. Setting: Private chiropractic practice.

Subjects:   This case involved a 10-year-old male who presented with behavioral issues, including dramatic changes from a calm manner, to suddenly becoming violent. He was also reported to have difficulty sleeping due to emotional detachment disorder and frequently suffered from panic attacks. His mother also reported that he had difficulty noticing when he was sufficiently full following eating. His behavioral changes caused him to be suspended from school. Upper cervical, thoracic and lumbopelvic dysfunction were recorded in this case.

Methods:   The patient received diversified low-force chiropractic manipulation to the spinal areas noted, including toggle-recoil and drop piece technique. His changes were recorded through the Measure Yourself Medical Outcome Profile (MYMOP) questionnaires over the course of his treatment. Treatment was provided over a 4-week, twice weekly period, with a MYMOP questionnaire being filled out after his 3rd, 6th and 8th adjustment.

Results:   A reduction in a MYMOP score of 6/6 to 1.6/6 for behavior and violent outbreaks after 8 chiropractic adjustments. Further improvements were noticed with sleep and anxiety, as well as a dramatically improved awareness of feeling full after eating.

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