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Daily Archives: January 29, 2015

Tissue Damage Markers After a Spinal Manipulation in Healthy Subjects

By |January 29, 2015|Safety, Spinal Manipulation|

Tissue Damage Markers After a Spinal Manipulation in Healthy Subjects: A Preliminary Report of a Randomized Controlled Trial

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SOURCE:   Dis Markers. 2014; 2014 :815379

A. Achalandabaso, G. Plaza-Manzano, R. Lomas-Vega, A. Martínez-Amat,
M. V. Camacho, M. Gassó, F. Hita-Contreras, and F. Molina

Centro de Fisioterapia y Psicología Soluciona,
18002 Granada, Spain.

Spinal manipulation (SM) is a manual therapy technique frequently applied to treat musculoskeletal disorders because of its analgesic effects. It is defined by a manual procedure involving a directed impulse to move a joint past its physiologic range of movement (ROM). In this sense, to exceed the physiologic ROM of a joint could trigger tissue damage, which might represent an adverse effect associated with spinal manipulation. The present work tries to explore the presence of tissue damage associated with SM through the damage markers analysis. Thirty healthy subjects recruited at the University of Jaén were submitted to a placebo SM (control group; n = 10), a single lower cervical manipulation (cervical group; n = 10), and a thoracic manipulation (n = 10). Before the intervention, blood samples were extracted and centrifuged to obtain plasma and serum. The procedure was repeated right after the intervention and two hours after the intervention.