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Chiropractic Scoliosis Rehabilitation Treatment

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Results of Chiropractic Scoliosis Rehabilitation Treatment at Two Years Post-skeletal Maturity in Identical Female Twins

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SOURCE:   J Bodyw Mov Ther. 2015 (Oct);   19 (4):   592–596

Brian Dovorany, Mark W. Morningstar, Clayton Stitzel, Aatif Siddiqui

Private Practice of Chiropractic Medicine,
2031 S Webster Avenue,
Green Bay, WI 54301, USA

BACKGROUND:   Scoliosis treatment guidelines for non-operative management suggest that patients should be followed for two years beyond skeletal maturity to appropriately evaluate treatment effect. This report outlines the results of identical twin girls’ treatment with chiropractic rehabilitation treatment at two years post skeletal maturity.

FINDINGS:   The twins participated in a treatment lasting two weeks, followed by home care maintenance and periodic follow-ups for they reached skeletal maturity. Two year follow up showed reduced Cobb angles of 19° and 15°, respectively.

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CONCLUSION:   Identical twin girls who were evaluated two years after skeletal maturity showed clinically significant improvements in Cobb angle measurements. Controlled, prospective study design for future patients treated in this manner will provide greater insight into how the treatment may have impacted the observed changes.

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