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Daily Archives: February 7, 2016

Safety of Chiropractic Manual Therapy for Children

By |February 7, 2016|Pediatrics|

Safety of Chiropractic Manual Therapy for Children:
How Are We Doing?

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J Clin Chiro Peds 2009 (Dec); 10 (2): 655–660 ~ FULL TEXT

Joyce Miller, BSc, DC, DABCO, PhD

Anglo European College of Chiropractic, Lead Tutor, MSc
Advanced Practice Chiropractic Pediatrics,
Bournemouth University.

Objectives:   To assess the risk of adverse effects of chiropractic spinal manipulation in the pediatric population and to promote a culture of safety along with full reporting of adverse events in the chiropractic profession

Methods:   Narrative review of all published reports of adverse effects of chiropractic pediatric spinal manipulation

Results:   Adverse effects from chiropractic spinal manipulation are rare with 2 moderate and 4 severe events reported during a 59 year period with up to 30 million treatments estimated per year. Current reports show a very low rate (<1% in 8,290 treatments) of mild transient side effects lasting less than 24 hours.

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