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Daily Archives: July 31, 2016

Chiropractic Identity:
A Neurological, Professional, and Political Assessment

By |July 31, 2016|Chiropractic Education|

Chiropractic Identity:
A Neurological, Professional, and Political Assessment

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SOURCE:   J Chiropractic Humanities 2016 (Jul 20); 20: 1–11

Anthony L. Rosner, PhD, LLD (Hon)

Private Practice
Watertown, MA

Objective   The purpose of this article is to propose a focused assessment of the identity of chiropractic and its profession, triangulating multiple viewpoints converging upon various aspects and definitions of neurology, manual medicine, and alternative or mainstream medicine.

Discussion   Over 120 years since its inception, chiropractic has struggled to achieve an identity for which its foundations could provide optimal health care. Despite recognition of the benefits of spinal manipulation in various government guidelines, advances in US military and Veterans Administration, and persistently high levels of patient satisfaction, the chiropractic profession remains underrepresented in most discussions of health care delivery. Distinguishing characteristics of doctors of chiropractic include the following:

(1)   they embrace a model of holistic, preventive medicine (wellness);

(2)   they embrace a concept of neurological imbalance in which form follows function, disease follows disturbed biochemistry, and phenomenology follows physiology;

(3)   they diagnose, and their institutions of training are accredited by a body recognized by the US Department of Education;

(4)   they manage patients on a first-contact basis, often as primary care providers in geographical areas that are underserved;

(5)   the spine is their primary — but not exclusive — area of interaction;

(6)   they deliver high-velocity, low-amplitude adjustments with a superior safety record compared with other professions; and

(7)   they use a network of institutions worldwide that have shown increasing commitments to research.

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