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Daily Archives: March 6, 2017

This On-site Chiropractic Clinic Is Saving a Minnesota Manufacturer Big Money

By |March 6, 2017|Cost-Effectiveness|

This On-site Chiropractic Clinic Is Saving
a Minnesota Manufacturer Big Money

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SOURCE:   The Star Tribune ~ Jan 1, 2017   

By Christopher Cassirer

Northwestern Health Sciences University
Bloomington, MN.

A year into the project, workers report that they are feeling better and like having health care services at their job. Statistics show that they are incurring injuries at much lower rates. They are also recovering quicker when they do get hurt.

And when it comes to the bottom line, the results have been better than Friendship Homes and Northwestern expected. For every $1 that the company has invested in the program, it is saving $8 by avoiding more-costly and less-effective treatments, spending less on insurance payments and keeping more workers on the job in the first place, which generates savings through less lost tine for workers and less overtime to compensate for absences.

As our nation struggles to find an affordable, effective future for health care, some answers may come from an experiment at a midsize employer in Montevideo, Minn.

Friendship Homes, with 180 employees, is one of the largest employers in the town of 5,400 about 130 miles west of the Twin Cities. The company builds prefabricated homes. And like many in construction and related industries, it has struggled to help its employees with back and muscle pain and other injuries caused by strain and overuse.

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