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Daily Archives: September 6, 2017

Can Neurotransmitter Status Affect the Results of Exercise-Based Scoliosis Treatment?

By |September 6, 2017|Scoliosis|

Can Neurotransmitter Status Affect the Results of Exercise-Based Scoliosis Treatment? Results of a Controlled Comparative Chart Review

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SOURCE:   Alternative & Integrative Medicine 2014 (Nov 20); 3: 177

Mark W Morningstar, Aatif Siddiqui,
Brian Dovorany and Clayton J Stitzel

Natural Wellness & Pain Relief Center
8293 Office Park Dr.,
Grand Blanc, MI 48439, USA

Idiopathic scoliosis has long been held as a purely orthopedic spinal deformity without a known origin. Hence all treatment of scoliosis has involved physical methods exclusively to treat the condition, whether by bracing, surgery, or exercise-based methods. Over the last several years many authors have introduced etiological concepts of scoliosis involving multiple biochemical central nervous system pathways, such as neurotransmitter imbalances. The purpose of this study is to evaluate how these neurotransmitter imbalances affect patients’ ability to participate in a scoliosis therapy program and the ability of the resultant radiographic changes to be maintained. Two groups of patients performed baseline neurotransmitter testing, and completed a short-term chiropractic rehabilitation program for scoliosis. One group additionally participated in a nutrient program designed to rebalance their neurotransmitter levels, while the second group declined. Both groups were evaluated 6 months after the completion of their rehabilitation program to evaluate Cobb angle changes

Keywords   Chiropractic; Nutrition; Scoliosis; Spine; Rehabilitation

From the Full-Text Article:


Scoliosis is historically thought of as a purely biomechanical or orthopedic disorder of the spine wherein the spine curves greater than 10 degrees on radiographic assessment. [1] Conventional treatments of scoliosis have been entirely based upon this model of scoliosis, whether it be bracing or surgery. Both of these treatments entirely focus upon the spine curvature, and attempt to straighten or stabilize the spine throughout the human growing years.

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