December 2017
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What Is Chiropractic?

Chiro.Org Blog: While in some jurisdictions chiropractic is fully integrated in public and insurance funded health care systems, in others it is outside and considered as complementary or alternative health care. There is a paucity of data and rigorous scientific studies regarding most aspects of chiropractic practice although research activity has been increasing in recent years. We call for papers for a thematic series in Chiropractic and Manual Therapies that can help define chiropractic better to stakeholders inside and outside the profession under the theme What is Chiropractic? […]

Spine Care as a Framework for the Chiropractic Identity

Chiro.Org Blog: We suggest that the chiropractic profession stop the internal bickering about its identity. It is destructive and demotivating for chiropractors and chiropractic students. We suggest that chiropractors globally accept the identity they already have in the public eye, namely, health care professionals who provide care for people with spine-related disorders. Chiropractors are viewed by the general public as specialists for spine and musculoskeletal care, not generalists or alternative PCPs. When the profession markets itself as having multiple personalities or identities, it confuses people outside of the profession. […]

Spinal Health: The Backbone of Chiropractic’s Identity

Chiro.Org Blog: Thanks to forward-thinking educators, researchers, clinicians, and politicians, the chiropractic profession faces unprecedented opportunities. Far from diluting its identity, its involvement in collaborative health care teams is consistently strengthening its identity as valued experts in spine care. Contrary to the proclamations of some, such involvement is not the medicalization of chiropractic, but the coming together of attitudes, beliefs, and science in the best interests of the patients we serve. […]