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Want To Build Your Own Computer?

Last year’s hottest technology is currently available for 20-40% of what it cost last year, when you buy your parts and assemble them yourself.

Better than that, your system will not contain unnecessary background programs that steal away your prosessing power.

And best of all, you know ecactly what’s in your box, and you’ll have […]

Chiropractic Training vs. Medical Training

Chiropractic Training vs. Medical Training

The Chiro.Org Blog

I was surprised to learn that, when I graduated from chiropractic school, that I would have taken 237 more class hours than a graduate of Johns Hopkins Medical School.

This table is an eye opener because chiropractors receive more hours in diagnosis, orthopedics, microbiology, and more […]

Happy Independence Day! (2009)

Happy Fourth of July to you all from Chiro.org

Drop by and enjoy the fireworks!

Working With Extremities?

Working With Extremities?

The Chiro.Org Blog

I’m not sure how many chiropractic schools teach extremity adjusting (ankles, wrists, elbows, shoulders), but if you do extremity work, then you will love our   Shoulder Girdle Page.

The page starts with scholarly papers by Richard Schafer, D.C. on managing shoulder and joint trauma.   It also […]

The Rehabilitation Corner ~ Part 2

The Rehabilitation Corner ~ Part 2

The Chiro.Org Blog

Dr. Richard C. Schafer, DC, PhD, FICC gave us permission back in 1998 to reproduce a series of his rehabilitation Monographs on our website.

Dr. Schafer is the most-published chiropractic author, and his textbooks were best sellers through the 80s and 90s. RC was the […]

The Rehabilitation Corner

Do you provide rehabilitation in your practice? If so, you may find the Chiropractic Rehabilitation Diplomate Information Page of interest.

The Rehab Page contains free materials from the leaders in chiropractic rehab, many useful articles, and also links to other rehab websites of value. Drop in for a look-see.


Outcome Assessment

Do you use Outcome Assessment in your practice? Patient improvement, documented with pre- and post- scoring on questionnaires (QAs) like the Neck Disability Index, or the SF-36, are indisputable evidence of medical necessity and patient progress.

Our Outcome Assessment Page contains, or links to, many of the most supported QAs. They are especially helpful in […]

Visit The FUN! Page

Like is too short. Stop and smell the roses! Visit The FUN! Page now!

Enjoy the Illusions and Paradoxes Page, or laugh at some of George Carlin’s humor. You’ll be glad you did!

Guidelines From Around The World

Have you reviewed our Guidelines Section?

Besides containing numerous articles about the weaknesses, mis-uses, development, and adoption of guidelines, it also contains a section at the bottom of the page that details guidelines developed specifically for “alternative medicine”, low back pain, Workers Compensation, neck injuries, rehabilitation, subluxation and a host of other interesting categories.


Patient Files and Complete Documentation

Chiro.Org Blog: Our Clinical Documentation Page is devoted to a full description of what is considered “complete” patient file documentation, as described by National Associations, Medicare, and Third Party Payors. […]

Have You Surfed the Site Lately?

Although our “front page” is now a Blog, all our original Sections are still available on the left-hand ToolBar under Resources. They are all still updated frequently.

Many of these Sections have their own Search Tool built into them, so you can find what you want easily.

In fact, we also have a nifty Search […]

Research And Your Bottom Line

How often has this happened in your practice? You submit an insurance claim, only to receive a denial, labeling the treatment or diagnostic testing you conducted as “observational” or “investigational.” It’s a response familiar to many doctors of chiropractic.

“This is happening so frequently now,” says Charles Herring, DC, president of the Foundation for Chiropractic […]

Excerpt from the Chiro Org History Section

An excerpt from the wonderful History archive that Dr. Joseph Keating entrusted to chiro.org. These pdf’s form the data source that Dr. Keating used for his many published articles on chiropractic history and are available for browsing.

Excerpted from the pdf on Clarence W. Weiant, DC.

“Chiropractic arrived so recently in Mexico, that the history […]

Commonly Used Diagnosis Codes (ICD-9)

Commonly Used Diagnosis Codes (ICD-9)

The Chiro.Org Blog

You may find value in this list of diagnostic codes commonly used in chiropractic offices, sorted by body regions.

This page also includes all the *new* headache codes, although cervicogenic headache still has yet to make it to the list.

NOTE: You’ll have to scroll down […]