December 2017
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Newer antimicrobial therapies proposed may lead to resistance of human innate immune response.

But like antibiotics, bacteria can evolve resistance to AMPs, risking the possibility that bacteria will also be able to resist the first arm of the human immune system. […]

The Facts About Fevers

Chiro.Org Blog: Our body’s first line of defense when invaded by any microbe, virus or bacteria is cells called microphages; a strong, healthy immune system may be able to eliminate the problem with this first step alone. If these fail to contain the microbe/”bug,” then the body creates other pryogens and proteins to try to assist. Once these have been created, the hypothalamus in the brain recognizes there is an invader and raises the body temperature to assist in killing it off. […]

Antibiotic Abuse

Editorial Commentary:

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has been begging conventional medicine to stop overprescribing antibiotics for decades. Even so, a recent study in the Journal of Hospital Infections found that 37% of 600 antibiotic prescriptions were considered unnecessary and another 45% were considered to be inadequate.

Considering that antibiotic use in infants has […]

Early Life Infections and the Immune System

Chiro.Org Blog: There is a growing body of literature suggesting that early (infant) antibiotic use (and perhaps vaccination) is associated with increased incidence of adolescent diseases like asthma, and other atopic diseases like hay fever and eczema. […]


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Vaccination is a controversial topic with chiropractors because of our non-drug and non-surgery approach to health.

The Vaccination Page attempts to present both sides of the vaccination issue.

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