November 2017
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Prevention of Low Back Pain: Effect, Cost-effectiveness, and Cost-utility of Maintenance Care – Study Protocol for a Randomized Clinical Trial

Chiro.Org Blog: This study protocol describes a randomized controlled clinical trial in a multicenter setting investigating the effect and cost-effectiveness of preventive manual care (chiropractic maintenance care) in a population of patients with recurrent or persistent LBP. Four hundred consecutive study subjects with recurrent or persistent LBP will be recruited from chiropractic clinics in Sweden. […]

The Nordic Maintenance Care Program: What Is Maintenance Care? Interview Based Survey of Danish Chiropractors

Chiro.Org Blog: Maintenance care (MC) is used by chiropractors to treat patients who are no longer in an acute state of pain; the purpose being to prevent recurrence of episodic conditions (secondary prevention) and/or maintain a desired level of function (tertiary prevention). The concept is frequently used among chiropractors [1,2] and limited evidence suggests that, among workers with work-related back pain, MC in chiropractic practice appears to decrease the recurrence rate [3]. However, according to two literature reviews, very limited evidence regarding the definitions, purpose and content of MC is currently available. […]

Participate in a Wellness Care/ Maintenance Care Research Project

Participate in a Wellness Care/ Maintenance Care Research Project

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Wellness care, or “maintenance care,” is widely accepted by the profession as an integral part of chiropractic practice. However, to date, a cause-and-effect relationship between wellness care and improved long-term health outcomes has yet to be clearly demonstrated. This proposed study is designed […]

The Impact of Chiropractic Care On Health ~ Why Maintenance Care Makes Sense

Chiro.Org Blog: Recipients of chiropractic care reported better overall health, spent fewer days in hospitals and nursing homes, used fewer prescription drugs, and were more active than the non-chiropractic patients. […]

The Nordic Maintenance Care Program: The Clinical Use of Identified Indications for Preventive Care

Chiro.Org Blog: The study largely confirms the clinical use of the previously identified indications for recommending Maintenance Care for recurrent and persistent LBP. Previous episodes of LBP was the strongest indicator. […]

The Nordic Maintenance Care Program: Maintenance Care – What Happens During the Consultation? Observations andPatient Questionnaires

Chiro.Org Blog: Because maintenance care (MC) is frequently used by chiropractors in the management of patients with back pain, it is necessary to define the rationale, frequency and indications for MC consultations, and the contents of such consultations. The objectives of the two studies described in this article are: i) to determine the typical spacing between visits for MC patients and to compare MC and non-MC patients, ii) to describe the content of the MC consultation and to compare MC and non-MC patients and iii) to investigate the purposes of the MC program. […]

A Theoretical Basis for Maintenance Spinal Manipulative Therapy for the Chiropractic Profession

Chiro.Org Blog: The purpose of this article is to discuss a theoretical basis for wellness chiropractic manipulative care and to develop a hypothesis for further investigation. […]

Zen and the Art of Chiropractic Maintenance

Chiro.Org Blog: The same might be said of chiropractic’s own journey, in this case seeking proper recognition. In particular, chiropractic from the point of view of a variety of third-party payers has been repeatedly turned down for reimbursement when it comes to matters of maintenance or preventive therapy. Completely counterintuitive, you might say, in light of the repeated and sometimes urgent declarations that we hear to the effect that the only way to control the runaway costs and inefficiency of American health care is to emphasize preventive care, placing it at the highest rather than lowest priority of interventions. [2] […]

General Health, Wellness, and Chiropractic Care

Chiro.Org Blog: The World Health Organization defines health as being “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”. [ 1 ] […]