January 2018
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Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction in Infants Presenting for Chiropractic Care in Norway

Chiro.Org Blog: This study was designed to specifically look at the prevalence of neck dysfunction, and other biomechanical problems in the infant that may be associated with suboptimal breastfeeding and other key ADLs. The chief goal of this study was to track routine clinical practice of infant care in chiropractic practices in Norway, by documenting and comparing parent report of infant problems and doctor of chiropractor’s clinical findings. […]

A Regional Interdependence Model of Musculoskeletal Dysfunction

Chiro.Org Blog: The revised definition of RI refers to the concept and clinical model that a patient’s primary musculoskeletal symptom(s) may be directly or indirectly related to or influenced by impairments from various body systems regardless of proximity to the primary symptom(s). Although initial local treatment of a patient’s primary complaint is typically a first step in clinical management, RI is a model that may be helpful in identifying treatment strategies for recalcitrant and persistent symptoms that may be due to associated functional limitations and impairments in more distant body regions as well as other body systems. The model of RI is in its infancy and will no doubt change and evolve as our understanding is informed from the results of future, formal investigations. The model presented in this paper is meant to serve as a framework for clinicians and researchers alike as they seek to identify the factors that may contribute to a patient’s impairments as well as for stimulating future research. […]