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Brain Atrophy in Cognitively Impaired Elderly

Chiro.Org Blog: This study provides greater clarity to earlier studies that found that B vitamins and/or Omega-3 fatty acids were found to slow brain loss in areas of the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease. This study also helps explain why some trials that focused only on the B vitamins had mixed results.   Apparently having high blood levels of BOTH the B vitamins AND Omega-3s provides better results in prevention of the deterioration of the brain tissue in Alzheimer’s patients. […]

Cross-Sectional Analysis of Telomere Length in People 33-80 Years of Age: Effects of Dietary Supplementation

Chiro.Org Blog: A previous cross-sectional study has shown that supplement usage significantly improved various health parameters and nutritional status. [1] The objective of the current cross-sectional study was to explore the effect of dietary supplementation on telomere length. […]

Nutritional Factors Affecting Postpartum Depression

Chiro.Org Blog: Pregnancy and lactation represent a period of substantial physiological changes for the mother and increased nutritional requirements to meet these adjustments. A number of nutritional depletions occur during pregnancy. Serum concentrations of iron and folate take months before they normalize to pre-pregnancy levels. Additionally, many micronutrients required during pregnancy interfere with each other, making absorption difficult. Postpartum depression is the primary complication of childbirth, possibly caused by several nutritional and non-nutritional factors. The current review highlights the impact nutrition may have on the etiology of this debilitating disorder, most notably on prevention of inflammation and maintenance of a healthy central nervous system. […]

Get the Lead Out!

Chiro.Org Blog: New research now suggests that even low levels of lead in a supplement can have adverse effects on your children. Why not use a supplement made correctly, so you can protect your family? […]

A Practical Guide to Avoiding Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion

A little known, but potentially life-saving fact is that common medications deplete your body of a host of vital nutrients essential to your health. In this practical guide I’ll show you how to avoid drug-induced nutrient depletion and discuss options for replacing nutrient-robbing medications with natural supplements. […]

The Use of Botanicals During Pregnancy and Lactation

Chiro.Org Blog: Women are the largest consumers of healthcare, and this extends to their utilization of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). Researchers have attempted to uncover the reasons why women turn to CAM in general and to botanical medicine in particular. Desire to have personal control over their health has been cited as the strongest motive for women to use herbal medicine. Second was dissatisfaction with conventional treatment and its disregard for a holistic approach, as well as concerns about the side effects of medications. […]

B Vitamins Slows the Rate of Brain Atrophy in Mild Cognitive Impairment

Chiro.Org Blog: Study results showed that the group taking the B-vitamin cocktail experienced a 30-percent slower rate of brain atrophy, on average, and in some cases patients experienced reductions as high as 53 percent. Greater rates of atrophy were associated with lower cognitive test scores. […]

Regular Vitamin and Mineral Supplementation Lowers Colon Cancer Risk More Than Eighty Percent

Chiro.Org Blog: Researchers, just publishing in the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology (CJPP), have found that a diet enhanced with vitamin and mineral supplementation can lower the risk of developing precancerous colon cancer lesions by up to 84%. Colon cancer is the second most common form of the disease affecting men and women in the US, with nearly 150,000 new diagnoses each year. […]

Complementary and Alternative Medical Therapies for Children With Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Chiro.Org Blog: Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) offers parents various treatment options for this condition, including dietary modifications, nutritional supplementation, herbal medicine, and homeopathy. CAM appears to be most effective when prescribed holistically and according to each individual’s characteristic symptoms. […]

General Factors Involved in Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

Chiro.Org Blog: Several general factors are involved in vitamin and mineral deficiencies. For example, abnormal loss and utilization or subnormal absorption, intake, storage, or transport, singularly or in combination, may readily lead to symptoms of nutritional deficiency. Drugs and nutrients often have adverse interactions. Drugs usually interfere with normal cellular nutrition by: (1) depressing the central appetite center, (2) decreasing normal blood levels (eg, excessive excretion), (3) interfering with the nutrient’s storage or metabolism, (4) developing a chemical antagonism (eg, inactivate), (5) increasing the action of ingested antivitamins or antiminerals, or (6) destroying intestinal bacteria necessary to synthesize the nutrient. […]

Why You Should Not Stop Taking Your Vitamins

Chiro.Org Blog: Should you stop your vitamins? It depends. To be exact, it depends on the quality of the science, and the very nature of scientific research. It is very hard to know things exactly through science. The waste bin of science is full of fallen heroes like Premarin, Vioxx and Avandia (which alone was responsible for 47,000 excess cardiac deaths since it was introduced in 1999). […]

Essential Fatty Acids Eases Premenstrual Syndrome

Essential Fatty Acids Eases Premenstrual Syndrome

The Chiro.Org Blog

SOURCE:   NHI OnDemand

A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study published in the journal Reproductive Health evaluated the effectiveness and safety of a supplement containing essential fatty acids and vitamins for the treatment of PMS and to assess effectiveness on prolactin and total cholesterol levels.

The […]

New Study Ties Processed Foods To ADHD in 78% of Children

New Study Ties Processed Foods To ADHD in 78% of Children

The Chiro.Org Blog

According to a new study, just published in Lancet Journal, a diet free of processed foods significantly reduces the symptoms of ADHD in 78% of 4-8 year old children. This 5-week study involving 100 subjects found that 63% of them […]

Heart Attacks and Folic Acid

Discordant results from MTHFR studies and randomised trials could be explained by aspirin reducing or negating the anti-platelet effect of lowering homocysteine. On this basis, folic acid would have a role in the primary prevention of ischaemic heart disease, when aspirin is not taken routinely, but not in secondary prevention, when it is routine. […]

The Nutrition Page

The Nutrition Page

The Chiro.Org Blog

The Nutrition Page provides non-solicitous nutrition information, including articles and research abstracts supporting the benefits of vitamins, minerals and herbals for the restoration and maintenance of health. The Nutrition Section is divided into several convenient sections.

The Supplements Section contains 38 sub-sections covering nutrients from Acidophilus Pre/Probiotics to […]