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ICA Responds to Forbes Attack on Chiropractic Through Their Legal Counsel

By |May 1, 2014|Slander?, Warning!|

ICA Responds to Forbes Attack on Chiropractic Through Their Legal Counsel

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SOURCE:   International Chiropractors Association

Falls Church, VA, April 23, 2014: The International Chiropractors Association (ICA) has responded to a malicious and damaging attack on chiropractic recently published by Forbes magazine on-line, through its legal counsel, Swankin & Turner, a long established and much respected Washington, DC law firm. “This recent outrageous and prejudicial attack on the chiropractic profession requires an exceptional response,” said ICA President Dr. Michael S. McLean. “Attacks on our profession from critics and competitors are commonplace and predictable but this recent piece, titled “New Medicare Data Reveal Startling $496 Million Wasted on Chiropractors” and written by Steven Salzberg, is so outrageously misleading and hurtful that we feel all of our legal options and protections must be explored.”

ICA is especially shocked by the highly prejudicial assertions about the risks associated with chiropractic care and the choice of outdated, misleading references for which compelling data to the contrary exists which clearly documents the exceptional safety and clinical effectiveness of chiropractic procedures. In his letter, James Turner, Esq, ICA’s General Legal Counsel told the Forbes Editor:

The arrogance, ignorance and above all, prejudice displayed in Mr. Salzberg’s essay is rare in this day and age of universal availability of information on any subject from any source via the Internet. To ignore the mass of safety, clinical and cost-effectiveness data on chiropractic readily available to anyone bothering to search clearly indicates the intentions of this individual – to maliciously smear and to discredit for reasons that only he can explain. This organization would certainly have been happy to assist in any such search and we wish to go on record as making the resources of the ICA available to any Forbes writer should there be an interest in an objective, balanced review of any chiropractic issue.


Wake Up – We’re in a Race for Scientific Ownership of Manipulation

By |June 13, 2012|Research, Warning!|

Wake Up – We’re in a Race for Scientific Ownership of Manipulation

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SOURCE:   Dynamic Chiropractic

By William Meeker, DC, MPH, FICC

For several years now, many have pointed out that our major clinical intervention, that family of procedures we call adjustments/manipulation, is no longer a “quack” remedy. That designation changed dramatically over a decade ago with the publication of the RAND appropriateness studies, the AHCPR guidelines on back conditions, and a fair number of randomized clinical trials.

Historically, those studies were very powerful in pulling manipulation out of the closet to where it now is – experiencing a great deal more exposure. As a result, we are seeing a renaissance of interest by osteopathic physicians and physical therapists. This in turn has led to a significant increase in the amount of research on manipulation by these professions. They are challenging chiropractic for pre-eminence in this field.

Professions, by definition, “own” their tools and their knowledge. This means that there is a cultural consensus in society that expertise in the use of professional knowledge is invested in a particular profession because that profession knows the most, is the most expert in, and can do the most good for the public with its unique tools. Lawyers know the most about laws because they make laws, study laws and apply laws. You wouldn’t go to a plumber if you had a legal case. Obviously, the situation is analogous for health care.

A citizen should not have any trouble deciding whom to consult for specific kinds of clinical expertise. But the situation for manipulation is becoming increasingly muddy, if the scientific publication record is any indication. We chiropractors do not enjoy an unassailable cultural consensus anymore when it comes to manipulation and adjustments. Chiropractors certainly have some authority by virtue of our history and training, but others are encroaching. We need to recognize that our authority in this area is under concerted and constant attack, and I fear that we may be losing ground. (more…)

Researchers Believe Influenza Vaccines Need Improvement

By |October 28, 2011|News, Warning!|

Researchers Believe Influenza Vaccines Need Improvement

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SOURCE: Medscape Medical News

By Larry Hand

October 25, 2011 — Critical gaps exist in the evidence for the effectiveness of licensed influenza vaccines in the United States, researchers report in an article published online October 25 in The Lancet Infectious Diseases. Individuals who are at risk for medical complications or people who are aged 65 years or older are especially affected by the gaps, the researchers write.

The researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 31 studies that used laboratory tests to confirm influenza infections. These studies were selected from 5707 studies identified, published over a period of 40 years. The authors found that trivalent inactivated vaccine, which is used for 90% of influenza vaccinations in the United States, is only effective in preventing infection in 59% of healthy adults. They also found live attenuated influenza vaccine, which is not approved for adults who are aged 50 years or older, to be effective in 83% of children aged 7 years or younger, and in 69% of people younger than 65 years.

“The ongoing health burden caused by seasonal influenza and the potential global effect of a severe pandemic suggests an urgent need for a new generation of more highly effective and cross-protective vaccines that can be manufactured rapidly,” write Michael Osterholm, PhD, MPH, from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, and lead author of the study, and colleagues. “In the meantime, we should maintain public support for present vaccines that are the best intervention available for seasonal influenza.” (more…)

WARNING: Keep an Eye On Your Adjusting Tables

By |June 14, 2011|News, Warning!|

WARNING: Keep an Eye On Your Adjusting Tables

The Chiro.Org Blog

SOURCE:   The Star Tribune


Star Tribune staff writers

We all heard in our adjusting classes that motorized tables involve some level risk when lowering them. Just as we were taught about trains, we need to remember to STOP – LOOK – and LISTEN.

The following is a sad tale about an infant that was crushed while crawling under an unsupervised traction table. In the hopes that this story may prevent this from ever happening in your office, please read the whole story.

SOURCE: The Star Tribune

When they heard a patient’s frantic screams Thursday afternoon, employees at a Shoreview chiropractic clinic rushed into an exam room and encountered a horrifying scene.

An 18-month-old boy lay trapped and crushed beneath a 300-pound chiropractic machine that his mother was strapped into. The toddler had crawled beneath the equipment and inadvertently pressed a button that lowered it onto him as his mother lay immobilized, unable to help.

No clinic staffers were in the room when the accident happened, according to Ramsey County sheriff’s spokesman Randy Gustafson. But there were witnesses — the woman’s two other children, both under the age of 4.

When the boy became stuck, Gustafson said, his mother “screamed to get the attention of the staff there.” (more…)

Inappropriate Use of the Title “Chiropractor”

By |February 26, 2009|Education, Ethics, News, Research, Safety, Warning!|

Inappropriate Use of the Title “Chiropractor”

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Chiropractic & Osteopathy 2006 (Aug 22);   14 (1):   16 ~ FULL TEXT

The results of this year-long prospective review suggests that the words chiropractor and chiropractic manipulation are often used inappropriately by European biomedical researchers when reporting apparent associations between cervical spine manipulation and symptoms suggestive of traumatic injury. Furthermore, in those cases reported here, the spurious use of terminology seems to have passed through the peer-review process without correction.

Additionally, these findings provide further preliminary evidence, beyond that already provided by Terrett, that the inappropriate use of the title chiropractor and term chiropractic manipulation may be a significant source of over-reporting of the link between the care provided by chiropractors and injury. (more…)